Wind River Range ( south )




11:10 Big Sandy Lake。湖の北側で昼食。馬で物資を運んできた人がいた。この人とは帰りにも会った。ロッジの従業員。12:50出発。この頃はShroomerと呼吸が合わず、地図の見方が飲み込めず、少しはぐれた。トレイルは少し急になる。人が急に少なくなった。

Big Sandy Passに来ると、Lonesome Lakeが見えた。15:30 Lonesome Lake. 湖岸はキャンプ禁止なので、少し離れた場所にテント設営。初めてベアハングを試みる。昔、やり投げをやっていたので、その要領でできるかと思ったら、失敗ばかり。ヒモの先端に石を括り付けて投げるのが一番簡単だった。夕食は何時ものように中華丼、納豆、ツナとジャガイモのサラダ、スープ。Shroomerはノン・クックで、水で膨らませた食事。

I waked at 5:00, but Shroomer wanted to sleep more. We wake up at 6:00 and ate the leftovers as a breakfast. The ice in the icebox was remained until today. We were hiking the grizzly country, Shroomer game me a bear spray. We started to hike at 8:30. It had been a terrible thunderstorm last night, but it was fine today. Shroomer discovered a big mushroom near the trail soon. He said it was Porcini, which might be 100 dollars in San Francisco. The trail was slightly uphill.

11:10 Big Sandy Lake. We had lunch at the north side of the lake. We met a man who carried many re-supplies on a horse. I met this person once more at the end of the hike. He was the employee of the lodge. At 12:50, we started to hike. I went wrong way a little, since I did not recognize his pace and not accustomed to the American map. The trails became steep a little. 

There were few hikers when we came to Big Sandy Pass. We saw Lonesome Lake, and reached the lake at 15:30. We pitched our tents at the slightly remote place, because the camping was prohibited near the lakeside. The bear hanging was the first time for me. I thought that I could do it by the way of javelin, because I was a javelin thrower in high school age. But, I could not as the old days. It was the easiest to throw a stone, tied the tip of the string. The dinner was as usual: a Chinese bowl, natto, tuna and potato salad, and soup.  Shroomer was a non cook menu: re-hydrated food with water.


5:30頃起きた。Shroomerも目は覚めていた。ゆっくりして、朝食は残り物のピザとコーヒー。7:45スタート。Lizard Head Meadowsを経て、登りに入る。登ると高原状だが、標高は3000メーターを越えている。草原を見てShroomerはタンドラというが、意味が分からず、日本語でツンドラだと分かる。日本語ではツンドラは高緯度地域のみを指すが、英語のツンドラは高層湿原もすべて含める。12:00 Cathedral Peakの傍で昼食。傍だからか、JMTのCathedral と異なり、そびえ立って見えない。13:45 Bears Ears Trail から下っていく。Valentine Lakeで水を補給。15:00 渡渉後、丘に登ってテント設営。Ranger Parkという名前だが、Rangerはどこにもいない。

We woke up at about 5:30, relaxed, and the breakfast was the leftover of pizza and coffee. We started to hike at 7:45.  We began to climb via Lizard Head Meadows. It was like a plain, but the altitude exceeds 3,000 meters above the sea level. Shroomer said tundra seeing a grassy plain, but I could not understand the meaning of tundra. In the Japanese language, the meaning of tundra was restricted to grass field in a high latitude area, but in the English language, all the high-rise damp plains seem to be included. We took lunch at the side of Cathedral Peak at 12:00. Unlike Cathedral Peak of JMT, it did not rise sharply. We hiked down from Bears Ears Trail at 13:45. We took water at Valentine Lake for resupply. After the fording, we pitched our tents on the hill at 15:00. It was Ranger Park, but there is no ranger anywhere.


5:30に起きて、パン、マンゴー、コーヒーの朝食。7:00デイパックでサイドトリップに出発した。Washakie Lakeで昨日会ったパーティがキャンプをしていた。峠が近づくと、Shroomerは喜んでペースを上げた。マウンテンゴートになった気分だという。9:10 Washakie Pass. Shroomerは今度は"Adventure for non adventurous hiker"という本を書けという。お節介な人間だ。従兄弟と似ている。

11:40テントに戻り、昼食、休憩してから13:20出発。14:25小さな池、英語ではtarnというらしい。15:00 Grave Lakeの傍の丘にテント設営。この先は急勾配になるので、早めにテント場を決めた。まだ、ベア・ハンギングになれない。石を投げる時にShroomerがあちらから投げた方がよいと言ったので、その通りにすると、石がShroomerのテントを直撃。キューベンのテントが大きく裂けた。幸い、彼はリペア・テープを持っていて、ほぼ修理ができた。メーカーは無償修理してくれるという。夕食ではスープを作り、Shroomerにも味見をさせる。その後、やることがないので、湖岸を歩き、写真撮影。良い場所にテントを張ったと思う。

I woke up at 5:30, ate bread, mango, and coffee for breakfast. We started on a side trip with a day pack at 7:00. The party whom we had met yesterday camped in Washakie Lake. Shroomer increased his speed with pleasure, and said he felt like a mountain goat, when we approached the pass. At 9:10 Washakie Pass. Shroomer said to me I should write a book, entitled "Adventure for non adventurous hiker" next time. He was a meddlesome human being, and resembled my cousin in nature.

We returned to our tent site  at 11:40, took a lunch and rest,  left at 13:20. At 14:25, small pond. Shroomer said it was called tarn in English. We pitched our tents near Grave Lake at 15:00, because it would be a steep place beyond this aria. Therefore, we decided our tent site early. I was not yet used to bear hanging. When I threw a stone, Shroomer suggested another direction. Therefore, I moved my position and threw a stone. Then, the stone hit Shroomer's tent directly. The cuben fiber tent was tore greatly. Fortunately, he had repair tape, and repaired almost completely. He said that the tent maker would repair his tent for free. I cooked soup for dinner, and let Shroomer taste. We had nothing to do after dinner, we walked the lakefront and took many photos. I thought that we  pitched our tents in a good place.


6:00に起きて、パン、ミューズリ、コーヒー。スリーピング・パッドから空気が漏れるが場所が分からない。7:15出発。リトル・ヨセミテのような風景が広がる。Mount Hookerの岩山は垂直に近い勾配で、エルキャピタンのようだ。日本の高層湿原のような湿地帯があり、Shroomerに教えた。9:30 Halley Pass. Shroomerは急な坂をscree slopeというと説明。因子分析でのscree plotはこの意味。ミネソタから来た家族と立ち話。Shroomerによると、スカンジナビアからの移住者はミネソタの湖沼地帯が故郷に似ていたので定住したが、その後、サンフランシスコがもっと良いことに気づいたんだよという。彼はノルウェーの遺伝子が濃い。12:10 Pyramid Lakeで昼食。明日はクロスカントリーをするので、丘の上にテント設営。峠を越えるとハイカーが多くなった。水たまりでスリーピングパッドの空気漏れを発見したが、修理の時に見失った。しばらく放置。

I woke up at 6:00; the bread, mango, muesli, and coffee for breakfast. The small amount of air leaked out from the sleeping pad, but I could not find out a place. We started to hike at 7:15. The scenery looked like as little Yosemite. Mt. Hooker was like Mt. El Capitan, because the rock wall was vertical. There was the damp area such as the Japanese high altitude damp plain and taught it to Shroomer. At 9:30 Halley Pass. Shroomer explained that a rapid slope was called scree slope. I knew the word "scree" as "scree plot" of eigenvalue in the factor analysis. We met the family who came from Minnesota. Shroomer said to me that the immigrants from Scandinavia settled down in Minnesota, because the wet field resembled their home town, but later, they found that San Francisco was better. Much of Shroomer's gene came from Norway. We had lunch at Pyramid Lake at 12:10. We pitched our tents on a hill, because we would like to do a cross-country hiking.  Hikers increased when we came to the east side of the mountain pass. I found the location of the puncture of the sleeping pad in a puddle, but lost sight at the time of repair. I left untouched for a while.


12時間くらい寝た。Shroomerはいびきをかいていたのだが、あまり眠れなかったという。パン、マンゴー、コーヒー。7:00 サイドトリップ開始。自分はRibzをウエストバッグにし、ShroomerにデイパックMarmot Kompressor Plusを貸した。彼はこれがたいそう気に入ったようだ。クロスカントリーは簡単で踏み跡もあった。Raid Peakがすぐ前に見える所まで行き、引き返した。Ambush Peakと形がそっくり。Ambush Peakの側面には褶曲の大きな模様が見える。10:00テントに戻り、11:00出発、11:20 Skull Lake. 分岐の傍は低湿地(marsh)、Shroomerはビーバーが住んでいるという。地面がでこぼこしている。氷河地形の一種だろう。13:30 Shadow Lake、ミネソタの親子と再会。娘は音楽の才能のある人。長話となる。トレイルを見失い、クロスカントリーで14:30 Billys Lake。湖岸から離れた丘にテント設営。

I slept for around 12 hours. Shroomer said he did not sleep very much, but he did not noticed his  snoring. The bread, mango, and coffee. We started to do a side trip at 7:00. I carried my gear in Ribz, and Shroomer carried my Marmot Kompressor Plus. He liked this pack very much. The cross-country hike was very easy, and there was the trace, too. We went to the place where Raid Peak was seen, and returned. Raid Peak looked similar as Ambush Peak. There was a striped pattern in the side of Ambush Peak. We returned our tents and started to hike at 11:00.
At 11:20, Skull Lake. Near the junction to Shadow Lake, we rested in meadow (marsh) for a while. Shroomer said that there might be beaver dam. The ground was uneven. It would be a kind of the glacier topography. At 13:30, Shadow Lake. We met the Minnesota family again. The daughter had a talent of the music. Shroomer talked for a long time. Then we hike again. We lost right trail, and did a cross-country. At 14:30, Billys Lake. We pitched our tents in the remote hill from the lakefront.


5:30 に起きた。湯を沸かそうとしたらライターが壊れた。他に着火装置がなく困ったが、Shroomerは緊急用にマッチを二つ持っていた。一つ貰う。今後、オリジナルのイグナイターとライターの二つを持つことにする。何時もの朝食にプロバーを一つ追加。6:20出発。元の分岐に戻り、少し歩くと、氷河で岩が削られた場所がある。Shroomer はGlacier Polishだと英語教育に乗り出す。11:30 Big Sandy Campground に戻る。ハイキング終了。終了間際に巨大マッシュルームを3-4つ採る。成長しすぎの物はShroomerがスライスして天日干しにする。車の中はマッシュルームの強い香。ロッジに出かけるが誰もいない。レストランは宿泊客だけにしか営業しない。身体を拭き、水を補給してJacksonに向けて出発した。


I woke up at 5:30. When I was going to boil hot water, the lighter was broken. I had no other firing device, but Shroomer had two matches for emergency. Great guy. He gave me one. I had to  decide to add an original igniter in future. I added PROBAR to the usual breakfast. We started to hike at 6:20. We returned to the junction and walked a little, there was the rock, which was  sharpened by a glacier. Shroomer said that was Glacier Polish. He started to educate me in English. We came back to Big Sandy Campground at 11:30. Our hiking was over. We picked 3-4 huge mushrooms just before the end. Shroomer sliced the mushroom which grown too much up and made dehydrate mushroom by the sun. The mushroom flavor became full in the car. We went to the lodge, but there is nobody. The restaurant was only for hotel guests. We wiped our body, got some water,  and left for Jackson.

I failed around 20 photographs hereafter, because the mode switch of the camera turned at a wrong location. Thus, there was no photograph for half day.

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