UPI から変わったソーラーライトの提供を受けた。WAKA WAKA Power という品物で、スワヒリ語で「明るく輝く」という意味らしい。正直に言って、デザインが珍妙で、販売価格が税込みで8295円では、店頭で見ても購入することはないだろう。

I was offered an unique solar light from UPI. It is called WAKA WAKA Power. Its meaning is "shining brightly" in Swahili. Honestly, the design is funny, the price is \8,295 including tax. I would not purchase this when I saw in the shop.

しかし、使ってみて少し驚いた。冷静になると、かなり使えるライトである。特にキャンプ用のランタン、手持ちの電灯として使うと、かなり優秀である。UPI は一見奇妙な物を輸入するが、時々、ツボにはまってしまう。提供を受けたSawyer Filterは一級品で、プラティパスを用いて落下式として使うと、ウルトラライトシステムとなる。こういう使い方は私が初めてらしく、PCTのメーリングリストに提案して関心された。RIBZフロントパックはバックパックに直接取り付ける改造を行って愛用中だし、このWAKA WAKA Powerも標準装備品になりそうである。

However, I was a little surprised to use. When I becomes calm, it is an excellent light. When it was used as the lantern for a camp or a hand light, it was especially excellent. Although UPI imports sometimes strange things, I was sometimes trapped by them. For example,  Sawyer Filter which I had offered is the first class goods. I proposed to use it as a gravity system using Platypus on the PCT mailing list. They were overwhelmed. I was also offered the first version of RIBZ front pack. I did not like it, so I remodeled to attach to a backpack directly, and I became love it. And this WAKA WAKA Power may become my standard equipment.


The Product

・本体サイズ:120×15×76mm  ・本体重量:約140g
・LED:0.5W A-brand, 120lumen/Watt(電球2個の合計)
・バッテリー:2200mAh 充電式リチウムポリマー電池
・入力端子:500mAh micro-B USB  ・出力端子:1A USB
・LED照射時間:スーパーブライト約10時間 ブライト約20時間 ミディアム約30時間 ロウ約65時間


  • size :120×15×76mm  ・weight :around 140g
  • color : Yellow, Black
  • LED: 0.5W A-brand, 120 lumen/Watt ( sum of two LED )
  • battery :2200mAhA rechargeable lithium-polymer battery 
  • input terminal: 500mAh micro-B USB    
  • output terminal: 1A USB 
  • temperature range: 0 - 40 degrees
  • battery life: About 500 times
  • LED irradiation time: Super blight about 10 hours,  Bright about 20 hours,  Medium about 30 hours, Low about 65 hours 
付属品は何もない。充電は携帯電話関連の品物が流用できるが、ストラップは最低必要だろう。写真は手元の不良在庫のストラップを取り付けたものである。自宅でテストしたところ、Nexus 5, 7の充電は可能だった。満充電にはならないこともあるが、携帯電話の充電は問題無いと思う。

No accessory was included. The mobile phone strap may be the minimum necessity, although the charge device of mobile phone may be usable.  I attached the strap of the dead stock at hand. When I tested it at the house, the charge of Nexus 5 and 7 was possible. Although it may not become full,  I think that the charge of a mobile phone does not have a problem. 


The light makes no specific focus and spread considerably. It may be used as a hand light and head lamp.  However, it cannot be used as a head lamp, since it is not fully waterproofed in case of rainy weather. It is regrettable at this point. But, if you use a plastic bag with an elastic band, you can use it as a substitute of head lamp in a rainy day.


The capacity of built-in lithium ion battery is only 2200 mAh. Since the capacity of an enelope AA battery is 1900mAh, the question arise whether it is possible to light for around 20 hours in bright luminescence mode.  However, a power generation lamp also blinks in an indoor indirect light. The power generation efficiency seems to be high. But, is it useful in real situation? 



  • 一回押すと電池の残量表示。これは4つの小さいランプで表示される。4つ点灯すると100%、3つだと75%、2つだと50%、1つだと25%の残量。特に測定機器を使わなくても残量が分かるので、これは非常に便利な機能だと思う。
  • 二回押すと、スーパーブライトモードになる120ルーメンの明るさ。この明るさで10時間保つという。テント内部でこの明るさは不要だった。
  • 三回押すと、ブライトモード。60ルーメンの明るさ。この明るさで20時間保つという。このモードを基本的に使った。テント内でのランタンとしては十分に明るかった。
  • 四回押すと、ミディアムモード。40ルーメンの明るさ。この明るさで30時間保つという。テント内のランタンとしては十分だが、使わなかった。
  • 五回押すと、ロウモード。20ルーメンの明るさ。この明るさで65時間保つという。実はこれが普段のテント内のランタンの明るさである。
  • 六回押すと、ライトが消灯。
There is only one big black button. Operation is decided by the number of times of pushing.

  • Push once:  It displays the residual quantity of the battery. This is expressed by four small lamps. When four light up, it is 100% and three, it is 75% and two and it is 50% and one, it is 25% of residual quantity. I think that this is a very convenient function, since residual quantity is known even if it does not use specific measurement tool.
  • Push twice : It becomes super blight mode. The brightness is 120 lumens, which last for 10 hours. This brightness is unnecessary inside the tent.
  • Push three times: It becomes bright mode. The brightness is 60 lumens, which last for 20 hours.  I fundamentally used this mode.  As a lantern in a tent, it was bright enough. 
  • Push four times: It becomes medium mode. The brightness is 40 lumens, which last for 30 hours. As a lantern in a tent, it was bright enough. I did not use this mode.
  • Push five times: It becomes low mode. The brightness is 20 lumens, which last for 65 hours. In fact, this is the brightness of the lantern in my usual tent. 
  • Push six times: It turns off the light. 


When you wanted to charge a mobile phone etc. ,  you should push the button once to make output from the USB. When nothing has connected, the small lights blink for a while and they go out. I think that some detection mechanism is equipped.  Therefore, it may be not necessary to push 6 times. Although these are somewhat difficult to understand, but the button is pushed several times,  it works well, and easy to understand. The design concept is superior, because the operation can be understood intuitively. 


Field Test

I tested this in the four days winter hiking.

When you want to use as a lantern, it is good to hang through a strap in a round hole.


I used from 30 minutes to  1 hour in the morning, and about 2 hours in the night. It took 2 hours from the preparation of dinner to sleeping. After I used this in the bright mode for 3 days, the remaining battery capacity decreased to the half. That means it can be used for around 1 week camping if the full charged battery was used. If you use this in Low mode, you will be able to use two weeks or more. The capacity of a lithium ion battery is not large. LED lights may be highly efficient.


I wanted to know the charge capability from sunlight. Therefore I attached this to the shoulder belt and walked for one day. The result was regrettable,  the indicator lamp of a charge state did not change. Probably, this will be unavoidable since it was cloudy in winter. If you try in summer, you can get the required electricity in a day, because it charges 75% in 6 hours on the summer solstice of 40 degrees north according to the specification.

黄昏時 In the dusk

真夜中 In the midnight 

発電量はGoal Zeroが圧倒的に大きい The charge capacity of Goal Zero is very large.

I think that the best attachment position is on a shoulder belt, since it will not generate electricity if turned over.


  • 製品名通り、非常に明るく、高能率のLEDライトである。ランタンとして使うのがベストだろう。
  • ランタンとして使う場合、満充電にしておけぱ、一週間から二週間、使用可能である。非常に長寿命である。
  • 発電能力やリチウムイオン電池の容量は少なめである。出力電流が1Aあるので、充電能力には問題がないが、機種によっては満充電出来ないだろう。
  • 完全防水ではない。したがって、雨天時にライトとして利用するには、ビニール袋などが必要である。
  • この種のガジェットとしては標準的な値段だと思うが、やや高価に感じる。しかし、明るく長寿命のランタンが欲しい人は買って後悔しないだろう。
  • It is a very bright and highly efficient LED lights as this name indicates. Using as a lantern will be best.
  • When using as a lantern, you are able to use this for one to two weeks., if you charge fully.  It is a very long-life life light.
  • The capacity of electric generating and lithium ion battery is small. It can charge your mobile phone, but depending on a model, you could not fully charge it.
  • It is not fully waterproofed. Therefore, a plastic bag etc. are required in order to use as a light in case of rainy weather. 
  • Although the price may be standard as this kind of gadget, I feel it is a little expensive. However, if you want to have a long-life bright lantern,  you never regret to buy this gadget. 


Back to California



Shroomerは疲れていて、Going-the-Sun roadをあきらめた。Two Medicineでみんなに別れた後、East Glacierの食料品店によって、昼食を購入した。Shroomerはニンジンとリンゴなど、私は野菜サラダの袋とリンゴ。アメリカの出来合いのサラダは味が濃くて食べづらい。単なるサラダ野菜の袋詰めを愛用した。パンの代わりにミックスチップ。もう、自分のパンは食べたくなかったので、すべてTrail Hackerにあげた。その後、少しドライブして、広い駐車場で休憩。テントを干して昼食とした。Marias Pass という所。ルーズベルト大統領の記念碑が建っていた。モリソンという人がこの辺りの土地を寄付したようだ。昼食と休憩を1時間ほどして、ドライブを続けた。West Glacierを通過。南に向かい、Kalispellを過ぎすると、大きな湖が現れた。Flathead Lakeという。平らな頭のインディアンの看板があった。自分の頭蓋骨を扁平に加工していたFlathead Indianの居留地だそうだ。徐々に乾燥気候帯に変わっていく。Missoulaからインターステイツ90に出て、西へ向かう。薄暗くなったのでLoeur d'Aleneで安いモーテル6を尋ねるが満員。代わりに紹介して貰ったSilver Lake Motelへ。まずまずのモーテル。紹介してもらった中華料理店はビュッフェで、安くて美味しかった。

Shroomer was very tired and gave up to drive Going-the-Sun road. After separating to all at Two Medicine, we purchased lunch at the grocery store of East Glacier. Shroomer bought many carrots and apples, and I bought a bag of vegetable salad and an apple. I disliked ready-made salad at the U.S.A, because it was intensely flavored, and it was hard to eat for me. I prefer packed vegetable for salad regularly. I also bought a mix chip pack, instead of bread. Since I did not want to eat my bread, I have already given all to Trailhacker. Then, We drove several minutes and rest in a large parking lot. We spread and dried our tents. And we took lunch. The place was called Marias Pass. There was a tall monument of President Roosevelt. Morrison gave this neighborhood land to the government.  We rest here for about 1 hour and continued the drive. We passed West Glacier. We turned toward the south at Kalispell, and drove forward, the big lake appeared. It was Flathead Lake. There was a signboard of the Indian of the flathead. It was also a settlement of Flathead Indian whose skull made flat. Gradually, it became a dry climate. We joined Interstate 90 at Missoula and drove to the west. Since it became gloomy, We visited the cheap motel 6 at  Loeur d'Alene, but They had no vacancy room. We asked other motels and got a room of  Silver Lake Motel.  It was a standard motel. We went to the buffet of a Chinese restaurant which was introduced by the staff. It was cheap and delicious.


モーテルの朝食は普通のレベル。甘いパン、甘いヨーグルト、甘いシリアル、ワッフル、コーヒー。Shroomerは自分の物を食べた。8:40出発。今日はDinsmoreのいるBoringまで行く。高速道路を西に飛ばし、昼頃、Ellensbergに着いた。スーパーがあったので、サラダのパック詰めなどを買い、昼食。Shroomerは出来合のサラダにチキンのフライ(1羽)など。少しもらう。彼はトレイルエンジェルがしたいので、Dinsmoreへのお土産を持っていこうという。そこで半分出資することにした。彼はスルーハイクの経験者なので、スルーハイカーが何が欲しいのか、よく分かるという。そこで、チキンのフライを3羽、フライドポテトをたくさん、出来合のサラダ数パック、極安の缶ビールを1ダース(一箱)、リンゴを1ダースほど(一袋)買った。要するに、スルーハイカーは野菜、果物、ビールに飢えていて、質はどうでも良いらしい。食べ物を満載してBaringに向かうが、ShroomerはStevens 峠でハイカーを拾おうという。峠の北を見たがハイカーがいない。南の少し上の駐車場まで行くが、ハイカーが見当たらない。あきらめて峠に引き返すと、ハイカー三人の後ろ姿があった。聞くと、彼らは食堂に行くという。Shroomerは食料はたっぷり持ってきたからと、三人を車に乗せた。Shroomerはお客が見つかって喜んだ。30分ほどでDinsmoreのHikerhavenに到着。部屋は二段ベッドが二つ、10人ほどは泊まれそうだ。しばらく歓談したが、あまり男は好きではない。幸い、アメリカ横断サイクリングをした女性がいたので、しばらく英会話の練習をした。人が多いので、ここでは寝たくない。外にテントを張りたかったが、庭の真ん中に休憩所があり、電気も水もあり、寝て良いというので、そこで静かに過ごすことにした。なおWiFiの電波は飛んでいるが、繋がらない。電話もかからなかった。DeLormeで発信する。Shroomerはお客が一杯で嬉しくてたまらない。皆でピザを買いに出かけた。少しパンを食べて寝ていると、1時間ほどすると帰ってきて、呼ばれたので、止むを得ず、再び、歓談に参加した。9時頃には一人、庭の休憩所に戻った。

The breakfast of a motel was an ordinary level. Sweetbread, sweet yogurt, sweet serial,  waffle, and coffee. Shroomer ate his own meal. We started to drive at 8:40. Today, we had to go to Boring where the Dinsmores were. We drove the highway very fast to the west and arrived at Ellensburg at noon.  There was a supermarket, I bought a pack of salad and apples for lunch. Shroomer bought a roasted chicken, ready-made salad, vegetables, etc.  He gave me chicken a little.  He wanted to be a trail angel and said that he would bring the souvenir to Dinsmore. Therefore, I joined to his intention. Since he experienced thru-hikes, he said that a through hiker understood well what they wanted.  Then, he bought three roasted chicken, fried potato, several packs of ready-made salad, and one dozen of apples, and one dozen of canned cheap beer. In short, thru-hikers were very hungry for vegetables, fruit, and beer, indifferent for the quality. When we arrived at Stevens Pass, Shroomer said that he wanted to pick up hikers. We drove to the north side of the pass, no hiker found, then drove to the south side, no hiker found. We gave up to find hikers and returned to the pass, then 3 hikers appeared. They said they were going to the restaurant, but Shroomer said that we had lots of food, did not need to go to a restaurant. Therefore, he gets customers, gave a ride to them, talked a lot, and drove to the Dinsmore's Hikerhaven in about 30 minutes. The room was enough for around ten persons because there were large bunk beds. I talked pleasantly for a while, but I did not like males. Fortunately, there was a woman who had cross the U.S. continent by bicycle, I practice English conversation for a while. Since there are many people, I did not want to sleep here.  I wanted to pitch my tent in the garden, but Ms.Dinsmore said I could use the small summerhouse in the middle of the yard and there were electricity and water. I decided to stay calmly there because I wanted to sleep alone. I caught the WiFi, but got no connection, and could not make a telephone call, either. I send my message by DeLorme. Shroomer was very glad to get full customers. He went out for buying pizza altogether. I ate bread a little and slept for a while, they came back after about 1 hour absent. I was called back by Shroomer, Therefore, I participated in the pleasant talk again unavoidably. Around 9:00, I returned to the small summerhouse in the yard.


朝食は9時近くに、郵便局の隣のレストランでDinsmoreさんとハイカーたちと一緒に食べた。となりにおしゃべりなおじいさんがいたので、英会話のレッスンがたくさん受けられた。ちなみに、朝食は念願のパンケーキ。これはアメリカの朝食らしい。パンケーキは朝だけで、昼や夜は食べない。理由は分からないが、ともかく食べないそうだ。予定を聞くと、Shroomerはハイカーを一人送ってからSeattleに行くという。Stevens Passまで来ると、ハイカーはここではないという。出発するのではなく、Skykomishの図書館で一日過ごすのだそうだ。そこで引き返し、彼を図書館前で下ろし、11:00頃、Seattleに向かった。ShroomerはSeattleにexofficioの店があり、特売しているという。ところがどうしても店が見つからない。一方通行なので、車で探すのも大変だ。電話で聞くと、移転したという。やっと店を見つける。安かったのでブリーフを二つ買った。その後、REIに行く。Seattleでは一番有名な所だそうだ。OspreyのVolt 75というバックパックのフィット感が非常によい。思い切って買ってしまった。日本に帰ってみると、なぜか輸入されていないモデルだった。その後、インターステート5号を南下。ところが、結構、混んでいて、おまけに事故が起こったらしく、渋滞が続く。ShroomerはPoorman's Hotelが非常に面白いと予約を入れたのだが、とてもVancouverには辿り着けない。小さな町でモーテル6の看板を見たので、立ち寄ると空いていた。遅いので、宿泊することに決定。たった45ドル。Centraliaという町だった。Panda Innという中華料理店。残念ながらビュフェではなかった。注文をShroomerに任せると、食べきれないほどの量になり、doggy bag で2パック持ち帰った。モーテル6は50ドル以下で泊まれる安宿。冷蔵庫、TVなどの設備はなく、朝食はない。冷蔵庫がないので、doggy bagを濡れたタオルて包んでおいた。

Today's English
Washington State ... 緑が多いため、別名はEver Green Stateという。

We ate breakfast together with Mr. and Ms. Dinsmore and the several hikers at the restaurant of the next door of the post office at 9:00. Since there was a talkative old man nearby, I got many lessons in English conversation.  Incidentally, breakfast was my favorite pancake. The pancake is an American breakfast and eaten only in the morning, and never in daytime or night. The reason is unknown, but I love pancake and want to eat at any time. I asked Shroomer about today's schedule, he said we would drive to Seattle after sending one hiker. We drove to Stevens Pass with a hiker, he said that it was not here. He said that he did leave today but wanted to stay 1 day at the library of Skykomish. Then, we returned, got him off the car in front of the library, and arrived at Seattle at 11:00. Shroomer said that there was an exofficio store in Seattle and now on sale. However, we could not find the store. It was also hard to search by car since it was one-way traffic. Shroomer said it might be moved. He made a telephone call and got it. We found the store at last.  I bought two briefs because they were very cheap. Then, we went to REI.  It was said that it was the most famous place in Seattle. I found Osprey's new backpack  Volt 75 was a good feeling of fit and bought it instantly. When I returned to Japan, I found this model was not imported in Japan. Now, we drove the Interstate 5 to the south. However, it was very crowded, seemingly the accident happened, and the traffic jam continued. Shroomer said that the Poorman's Hotel in Vancouver was very interesting and he reserved by phone, but the arrival was very difficult. We saw a signboard of the motel 6 in a small town and found a vacant room, therefore, we decided to stay here, because its rate was only 45 dollars. It was a town called Centralia. We drove to a Chinese restaurant called Panda Inn. Regrettably, it was not a buffet. I let Shroomer order, then we got too much food to eat up. We brought 2 doggy bags back to the motel. The motel 6 was a cheap hotel, its rate was  50 dollars or less. There was no refrigerator, TV, etc. I wrapped the doggy bags by a wet towel.

Today's English
Washington State ... was called EverGreen State, because there are lots of greens.


モーテル6に朝食はなかったが、コーヒーは旨かったので部屋で飲む。8時すぎに出発、9時頃、Kalamaを通過。港があり、木材を日本に輸出しているという。9:50 Portland通過。 Eugene通過。所々に池があり、鴨がいる。EugeneにはUniversity of Oregonがあり、声援するときは"go duck!"という。ちなみにカリフォルニアのBerkeleyは"go bear!"。昔、たくさん熊が住んでいたようだ。乗用車を牽引している車と出会った。たしか"flat tire"と書いてあったと思う。英語ではパンクをHe got a flat tireというそうだ。昼頃、rest areaで昼食。私は野菜サラダと中華料理の残りを少し食べただけ。さすがにShroomerは中華料理の残り物を大部分平らげた。15時頃、Rogue River通過。この辺りはカヤックでの川下りで有名。オレゴンの南、カリフォルニアの北はState of Jeffersonと言い、他の州から独立したいらしい。Jefferson Radioというラジオ局もあった。15:40 Ashland到着。ドイツ文字がある町。シェイクスピア劇場で有名。Lithia Parkを見学。Shroomerが若い時にstealth campをしたという。Shroomerは奥さんに土産物を買うと言い、ネックレスを探した。私は既に買ってあるし、趣味に合わないので、止めた。1時間ばかりAshlandで過ごした。Shroomerは、この先、美味しい夕食にありつけるとは限らないと言い、早めの夕食にした。中心街を少し外れた場所。Omar's Fresh Seafood &Steaksという場所、New Yorkスタイルのステーキを食べたが、ここは最高に美味しかった。26ドル、地元産、トウモロコシで育てた牛。19:00頃、Yrekaにモーテル6があったので宿泊決定。

There was no breakfast in the motel 6, but the coffee was nice. I drank in the room and ate our breakfast. We started to drive at around 8:00 and passed Kalama at 9:00.  Shroomer explained that there was the harbor exporting wood to Japan. We passed Portland at 9:50. There were several ponds in which ducks were near Eugene.  Shroomer explained that "Go duck" was used at the University of Oregon in Eugene when students cheered. Incidentally, "Go bear! " was used at the University of Berkeley in California. I thought that a lot of bears had lived in California a long time ago. I saw a large camping car which was towing the small car. There was a sign written "Flat Tire". Shroomer said that American said, "He got a flat tire" when tire trouble happened. At noon, we stopped at the rest area for lunch. I only ate a little remainder of vegetable salad and Chinese food. Shroomer ate up a great portion of leftovers of Chinese food. We passed Rogue River around 15:00. This neighborhood was famous for rafting in a kayak. The south in Oregon and the north in California was called the State of Jefferson. They wanted to be independent of other states. There was also a radio station called Jefferson Radio. We arrived at Ashland at 15:40. The used letters were German. Ashland was famous for Shakespeare. We saw Lithia Park, where Shroomer had carried out a stealth camp when he was young. Shroomer needed to buy a souvenir for his wife and looked for necklaces. I had already bought a souvenir for my wife, and the taste of the necklace did not fit for my wife. I did not buy anything, except the book on Jefferson State. We stayed in Ashland for about 1 hour. Shroomer said that we were not sure to get a delicious dinner in further place, therefore I decided to took early dinner. We departed from the center of town, entered the restaurant called Omar's Fresh Seafood & Steaks. We ordered the New York-style steak. It was the most delicious steak. It costed only 26 dollars. The cow was bred by corn.  We found the motel 6 in Yreka at 19:00.


朝食は自分のパン、ヨーグルト、マンゴーとモーテル6のコーヒー。8:30頃出発。Mt.Shastaが見えてきた。rest area近くで車を止めて撮影。その後、山岳地帯に入り、Shasta Lakeを経て、Redding。この時英語の勉強。通りを意味するたくさんの言葉があった。Shroomer によると、Street ....city, townの時、Road ... anywhere、Drive ... anywhere、Avenue ... city、Lane ... country roadとのこと。厳密な使い分けはないようだ。平野が続き、San Franciscoが近づくと、アーモンド、オリーブ、ウォルナットなどの大規模農園が広がった。そして、枯れ草が広がる丘(Golden Hill)が見えると、Shroomerは家が近づいたという。 14:00過ぎ、Shroomerの自宅到着。Shroomerは早速、奥さんからの指令で灯籠を動かし、池のポンプの点検と修理をしていた。こちらも日本に帰れば、山のような仕事が待っているので、特に手伝わなかった。その後、Shroomerは素晴らしい夕食を作ってくれた。次の日はConcordのREIに抜けだし、中華料理のビュッフェをしこたま食べたが、奥さんのKatieから指令が来て、人の重さほどの植物の植わった鉢を3つ持ち帰る仕事をした。その次の日はお別れする人のパーティーの準備で片付けの仕事をした。残念ながら、我々の自由で、素晴らしい日々は終わった。

We ate our own meal. I ate my bread, yogurt, mango, an coffee of the motel 6. We left at 8:30. Mt.Shasta appeared. We stopped for a while and took photos near the rest area. Then, we went into a mountain range. We passed through Shasta Lake and Redding. The study of English began. I found that there were many words meaning a passage. According to Shroomer, street was used for town and city road, the road was used in anywhere, avenue was used for city road, the drive was also used in anywhere, Lane was used for a country road, etc. There might be no strict rule. When we arrive the the plain continued to San Francisco,  the large-scale plantations, such as  almond,  olive, and the walnut field spread all over. When the hill (Golden Hill) covered by dry grass appeared, Shroomer said my home approached. We returned home at 14:00.  Shroomer was ordered to move the heavy stone lantern by his wife, and also checked and repaired of the pump of a pond. I did not help him since a huge amount of work arranged by my wife was waiting for me when returning to Japan. Of course, Shroomer made a wonderful dinner for all. I am very satisfied. Next day, we escaped to REI in Concord, and we ate plenty of food at the Chinese buffet. But, his wife's order was sent by phone, we had to carry three huge heavy bowls with the plants. It was very hard work.  The next day we worked for clearing up garden and room for the preparation of the party of those, who left here. I felt our freedom and wonderful days was over.


The hiking of Glacier N.P. ---The 3rd stage ---



6:30頃起きる。パンとクッキー(昨日Two Sistersでの残り物)、チーズ、コーヒー、プルーン、ヨーグルトの朝食。車でボート乗り場の近くに行く。トレイルはボート乗り場の辺りから始まるはずだが、分からない。Shroomerはレインジャーにトレイルを聞き、改めて8:45出発。皆さん、フルスピードで走るように歩く。登りになると、スピードは落ちるし、どうせ峠で待ってくれるので、やや速めのペースを維持して歩く。小さい滝Rockwell Fallで少し休憩。気持ちの良いトレイルが続く。Cobalt Lakeを過ぎると少し登りがきつくなるが、景色がよく見えるようになった。赤茶けたRockwell山が近づいた。三人は視界から消えたが、峠は近い。数分後、峠らしい所で全員でランチ。11:30。グレイシャーのハイキングで、ここが最後の峠になる。我々は長い間景色を眺めて休憩した。10分程度歩くと、Two Medicine Pass。手早くパノラマを撮影した。トレイルは急角度で下る。三人に引き離されてしまったので、少しばかりクロスカントリーをする。

I woke up at 6:30. My breakfast menu is bread, the cookie (leftovers of Two Sisters in yesterday ), cheese, prune, yogurt,  and coffee. We went to the place near the boat harbor by car. But we could not find out the entrance of the trail, therefore, Shroomer asked a ranger about the trailhead. Then, we started to hike at 8:45. They walked very fast as if they were running. Since their walking speed would decrease at the uphill, and they would wait for me at the pass, therefore I maintained a slightly quicker pace. We rested at a small fall, named Rockwell fall.  A pleasant trail continued. When I passed over Cobalt Lake, the uphill became a little tight for a while, and the great scenery appeared.  I approached the reddish-brownish Rockwell mountain, and three-person became out of my sight near the pass.  At the pass like a place, we rested for a long time and ate lunch. It was 11:30. This was the last high place in Glacier hiking, Therefore, we rested and looked at the scene for a long time. The Two Medicine Pass was located in 10 minutes walking. I took several photos quickly to make a panorama. I hike down an acute downhill. They were out of sight, so I carried out a cross-country for a short distance.

15:20 Upper Park Creek Campground着。テント設営。近くの川で洗濯して水を浄化する。Shroomerは疲れてしばらく寝ていた。夕食は何時もの食事。今度はスープの材料を持ってきたので、フリーズドライの野菜スープに乾燥野菜とホタテと鶏ガラスープを加えて片栗でとろみを付けた旨いスープができた。食事の場所でたき火が出来たので、ハイカーが何人も集まってきて会話が盛り上がった。Shroomerは私にフィルターのデモンストレーションを要求した。もう、4-5回はデモをした。私はSawyerのフィルターとプラティパスのチューブを組み合わせて落下式フィルターとして使っていた。性能の良いウルトラライト・フィルター・システムになった。Shroomerは自分のフィルターは使わず、私のフィルターに頼り切りだった。食事の後も話が盛り上がったが、私は飽きてきたので、小雨が降ったのを契機にテントに戻って先に寝た。パーティは夜10時頃まで続いた。

We arrived at Upper Park Creek Campground at 15:20. We pitched our tents. Shroomer was very tired and sleeping for a while.  I washed my T-shirts on a nearby river and purified water. I cooked usual dinner and nice soup, which was made adding chicken-bones soup and scallop to the freeze-dry vegetable soup, thickened by starch since the material of soup was brought this time. At this time, there was a good fire ring, so we made a fire during dinner. Many hikers also gathered and we talked a lot.  Shroomer ordered me to demonstrate my filter system. I had already demonstrated 4 to 5 times before. I made a gravity filter system, combining the Sawyer filter and the tubes of Platypus. The result was a wonderful ultralight filter system. Shroomer could not use his filter and depended entirely on my filter system. Although the merry conversation continued after dinner, I got bored. I returned to the tent when slight rain fell and slept. The party continued till around 10:00 at night.


6:30頃起きる。パン、チーズ、ヨーグルト、プルーン、コーヒーの朝食。今日は単調な下りをこなすだけである。7:50 出発。川沿いのよく整備されたトレイル。昼頃、Rangerの小屋があった。休憩。GPSで確認するとキャンプ地は300メーターほど南。みんなは先に行くが、一人残って、コーヒーをわかし、エナジーバーを食べ、途中でとったベリーを食べて昼食とした。少し歩いて、12:30テント設営。川の水から飲み水を4リッター作った。Shroomerも水を作り、その後、うたた寝したが、疲れ切ったらしく、何時間も起きてこなかった。我々はShroomerのうたた寝の邪魔をしないように、食事の場所にいた。 若い女性ハイカーが二人来て、傍にテントを設営した。それでもShroomerは起きてこない。「若い女の人が来てもShroomerの声がしない。彼が生きていればしゃべるはずだし、Shroomerは死んだかもしれない」とTrail Hackerに言った。

I woke up at 6:30, ate bread, cheese, yogurt,  prune, and coffee. We had to walk a monotonous mild downhill, today. We started at 7:50.  The trail was well-maintained and going along a river. We found a hut of ranger at noon. We rested for a while. When I checked our campground by my GPS, it was located in the south about 300 meters. Although everybody went forward, I remained alone, boiled coffee, ate an energy bar and the berry taken on the way as lunch. Then I walked a little and pitched my tent at 12:30. I purified 4 litters of water at the riverside. Shroomer also made his drinking water with my system, returned this tent, and took a nap for a long time. He seemed to be very tired. We were in the food preparation area. Two young female hikers came and pitched their tents near our site. But, Shroomer still did not awake. I talked with Trail Hacker, "I can't hear Shroomer's voice,  even if the young woman came. If he is alive, he must talk a lot, possibly Shroomer died."

16時過ぎ、やっとShroomerが現れた。また、女性ハイカー二人も加わり、団らんに加わった。昨夜はLake Isabel(我々の昨夜のキャンプ地から少し登った場所)でキャンプしたが、テントの周りを熊がうろついて眠れなかったという。二人とも恐怖の関係で消耗していた。彼女らはヒッチハイクでTwo Medicineに戻る予定という。Shroomerはすかさず、我々は明日Two Medicineに戻るべく車を置いているので同乗すればよいという。「俺たちはもう一泊の予定だろう」というと、Shroomerはその件は議論したという。「冗談じゃない。俺は議論してないよ。おまえは若い女性が現れると、すぐ気がかわるんだから」という。明日は3時間くらい歩いて、低い峠越えをするだけなので、景色は望めない。辻褄合わせのキャンプなので、結論には同意するんだが。ちなみに車の後部席に乗る人をスラングでmonkey girl (boy )というらしい。夕食は何時ものようにしっかりと作ったが、女性たちは疲れているらしく、テントに引き返した。17:30頃から少しの間激しい雨になった。数日前からGlacierは秋になって、夜に冷え込むようになった。

Shroomer appeared at last past 16:00. Moreover, two female hikers also joined us. They camped last night at Lake Isabel ( located around one hour uphill walking from our last night's camp ), and the bear had loitered surroundings of their tents. They were not able to sleep. They had exhausted very much due to the fear. They wanted to return to Two Medicine by hitchhiking. Shroomer instantly said that they should ride our car together since we have placed the car so that we may return to Two Medicine tomorrow. I said to him "We are planning one more stay!" Shroomer said, "We had already discussed." I said "Discussed? I don't know. You easily change your mind when a young girl appears." The remaining hike was only around 3 hours walking, and the pass was not high enough, so we could not expect great scenery.  I agreed with that conclusion.
According to Shroomer,  those who incidentally ride on the rear seat of a car will be called monkey girl (boy) in slang. I cooked with enough stuff for dinner. The two girls seemed to be tired, and they went to their tents. It began to rain heavily from 17:30 for a while. It became autumn in Glacier from several days before, and it became cold at night.


6:00頃起きて、パン、チーズ、プルーン、コーヒー、ヨーグルトの朝食。昨日の夜遅く、女性たちはたき火をしたようだ。昨晩は時々雨だった。8:00出発。単調な下りなので、速いペースで歩く。途中からブッシュが茂り、脚がかなり濡れた。スパッツを脱いだのは失敗。しかし、最終日なので、気にしないで歩いた。しばらくして珍しくトップで歩く。AmtrakのEssexの駅が見えた所で少し休憩。今度はShroomerが先行し、後に続く。Walton到着10:30。女性たちの後部席を用意し、6名が乗車してTwo Medicineに行った。そこで、記念撮影。Trail HackerとPiperともここで分かれた。これからWashington州のDinsmore家に向かうので、Shroomerも先を急いだ。

I wake up at 6:00. I ate bread, cheese,  prune, yogurt, and coffee for breakfast. The two young girls seemed to make a fire on yesterday night since I noticed the slight trace of a fire.  It was an occasional rain last evening. We started to hike at 8:00. Since it was a monotonous mild downhill, we walked at a quick pace. The bush grew thick from the middle and the leg got wet considerably. It was my fault to remove gaiters. However, it was the final short day, I walked without wearing. I walked first for a while. I rested for a short period at the place where the station of Essex of Amtrak was seen. Shortly, Shroomer went ahead and I followed. We arrived at Walton at 10:30. He prepared women's dickey seat, then six persons rode on, and we drove to Two Medicine Lake. Then, we took commemoration photos.  We parted from Trail Hacker and Piper here. Since we wanted to go to the Dinsmores in Washington states from now on, Shroomer should go in a  hurry.


The hiking of Glacier N.P. ---The 2nd stage ---



6:00に起きる。ShroomerはMany Glacier Hotelの朝食ビュッフェが素晴らしいというが、連れて行ってくれない。パン、チーズ、コーヒー、ヨーグルトの朝食。9:45出発。トレイルはSwiftcurrent Lakeのそばを通る。遠くにMany Glacier Hotelが見える。Piegan Pass Trailに入り、少しずつ高度を上げる。Josephine 湖が下の方に見える。今日は雲がかなり多い。Angel Wingという山を過ぎで、谷を登っていく。Big Johnが追いつくが、のんびりしていた。滝のあたりからShroomerたちは先行するが、特に追いかけなかった。12:00 Piegan Passs到着。昼食。非常にきれいな場所。雲も消えて青空が広がった。パノラマ撮影を行う。

I woke up at 6:00. Shroomer said that the breakfast buffet of Glacier Hotel was wonderful, but he did not guide me to the buffet. I ate bread, cheese, coffee, and yogurt. The bread was Two Sister's bread. We started to hike at 9:45.  The trail passed along near Swiftcurrent Lake. Many Glacier Hotel was seen in the distance. We went into Piegan Pass Trail and got an altitude little by little. We saw Josephine Lake downward.  There were quite many clouds today. We passed Angel Wing mountain and hiked up the valley. Big John caught up, but he was slow.  Shroomer and others went ahead around the waterfall, I did not pursue them in particular. We met at Piegan Pass at 12:00. Lunch. A very beautiful place. Clouds also disappeared and the blue sky spread. I took several photos to make a panorama.

12:30出発。Going-To-The-Sun Roadが見える。Shroomerが先行し、続くが、Trail Hacker とPiperはゆっくりしている。ShroomerとSiyeh Bend トレイルとの分岐で待って、確認してから、先行する。Going-To-The-Sun Roadに降りると、ShroomerとBig John がいた。しばらくするとTrail HackerとPiperが追いついた。全員でベンチで休憩。私のバックパックをPiperが好奇心から背負った。3倍ばかり重いが、腰のベルトに加重できることが分かったようだ。

12:30 started to hike. Going-To-The-Sun Road was seen below. Shroomer went ahead,  I followed, and Trail Hacker and Piper followed slowly. Shroomer and I waited for them at the junction of Siyeh Pass Trail because we lost sight of Trail Hacker and Piper.  After we confirmed them, we walked forward. When I went down to the Going-To-The-Sun Road, Shroomer and Big John were sitting on the bench. After a while, Trail Hacker and Piper caught up. We rested on a bench by all the members. Piper carried my backpack from curiosity. She seemed to know that all the weight hanged on the waist, although it was about 3 times heavier than her.

15:30 Reynord Creek Campgroundにテント設営。立派なひげを蓄えたBig Johnも一緒。コンピュータ・デザインの専門家で、話をすると表情がくるくる変わって面白い。夕食は珍しく肉野菜ラーメンとした。3玉使わないと腹がふくれない。Shroomerに預けたスープを作ろうと思うと、彼は記憶がないという。疲れていたので、記憶がなくなったらしい。他にスープの材料を持ってこなかったので、作れなくなった。

At 15:30, we pitched our tent at Reynord Creek Campground. Big John also pitched his tent. He had a splendid mustache and he is a specialist in computer design. When he talked,  his facial expression changed rapidly. It was very interesting to me.  I cooked meat and vegetable ramen. It was very rare for me. I used 3 packs because I need much food for dinner. I asked to Shroomer about the soup material I had deposited before hiking. He answered he had no memory. I thought that his memory was lost since he was very tired. I had no other material of soup, it became impossible to make.


6:30に起きて、パン、チーズ、ヨーグルト、マンゴー、コーヒーの朝食。ヨーグルトはShroomerからタネをもらい、ジップロックで発酵させた物、少し雑菌が入るからか酸っぱめ。材料は粉ミルク。今日の距離は短いのでBig Johnを囲んで話し込む。Big JohnはSt Maryの方へ行くのでお別れ。8:20出発、9:30 Verginia Falls、St.Mary Lakeの南岸を歩き、丘を越えて、徒渉し、Red Eagle Trailに合流。14:40 テント設営。やることがないので、鳥を撮影して遊ぶ。夕食の時、乾燥野菜とホタテとチキンスープで簡単スープを作った。そこにPiperが見つけたワイルド・オニオン(ニラ)を入れ、片栗粉でとろみを付けると、そこそこのスープが出来た。喜んでみんなで飲む。ヨーロッパの昔話にあるstone soupというらしい。みんなで協力すれば良いことができるという話らしい。

I woke up at 6:30.  bread, cheese, yogurt,  mango, and coffee for breakfast. I got the seed of yogurt from Shroomer and fermented in a zip lock pack. It was sour since various bacteria-contaminated for a while. I used powdered milk. Since today's distance was short, we surround Big John and talked with him for a long time. Big John would go to the direction of St Mary. That was a separation. We started to hike at 8:20 and went along the southern coast of St.Mary Lake.  9:30 Virginia Falls. We passed beyond a hill,  forded a river, and joined Red Eagle Trail. We pitched our tents at 14:40 at Red Eagle Lake. There was nothing to do, so I took many photos of flying birds.  I made soup by using chicken instant soup, a small number of dehydrated vegetables and scallop at the time of dinner.  Piper found the wild onion, so I put it in our soup, and add thickened with starch. Then, there there was a splendid soup. I was very glad and ate it all together. Piper said that this was called stone soup, which appeared in the old tale of Europe. It may be the children's story to emphasize the importance of cooperation.


6:00過ぎに起きる。7:30出発。Triple Divide Trailを登っていく。少し風が強かった。11:30 Triple Divide Pass でランチ。Mountain Goatが下の方に見えた。ShroomerとTrail Hacker は登りのペースが速い。スピードが好きなようだ。Piperは強いが焦らない。私は常にLow Gear。峠からはShroomerが先行し、私が続き、Trail Hacker とPiperはゆっくり下る。Mountain Goatと鉢合わせになり、かなり接近できたので、何枚も写真が写せた。Red Mountain沿いに降りてから、トレイルは緩やかに登る。15:00 Morning Star Lake.テント設営。このころ、私のTrail Nameの候補にLow Gearが上がってきた。湖で体を拭いていると、突風が吹き、私の帽子が湖に飛ばされた。幸い、水に入っていた女性がとってくれた。ほかのハイカーがいなくなると、Shroomerは泳いだが、ここの水は冷たかった。ラーメンの付属の味噌スープに、少し乾燥野菜を入れて共同スープを作ったが、あまり旨くはなかった。

I woke up at 6:00. We started to hike at 7:30. We hike up Triple Divide Trail. It was somewhat windy. We ate lunch at Triple Divide Pass at 11:30. I saw mountain goats beneath the pass.  Shroomer and Trail Hacker was very quick in ascent. They said they liked speed. Piper was strong, but she went slow.  I hike slow, always using Low Gear. Shroomer preceded from the pass, I followed him. Trail Hacker and Piper followed slowly. We met mountain goats suddenly and approached considerably.  I was also able to take many photographs.  After getting down to along Red Mountain, the trail became gently. We pitched our tent at Morning Star Lake at 15:00. At this time, Low Gear became the candidate of my trail name. When I was wiping my body at the lakeside, the gust blew, and my hat was flown in the lake. Fortunately, the woman near the lake took it for me. When other hikers went away, Shroomer became naked and swam. but the water here was very cold. I cooked soup using a small number of dehydrated vegetables and the attached miso soup of ramen. I failed. It tasted bad.


6:00過ぎに起きて、7:45出発。登りが始まり、Pitmakan Lakeを後にすると9:30 Pitmakan Pass。風が強く、少し休んだだけで先に進む。Cut Bank Passの辺りでは時々息が詰まるほどの強風となる。少し風景撮影をして先に進む。Shroomerは先へ。Trail HackerとPiperは後ろからゆっくりと来る。後で気づくとウィンド・ブレーカーを着てフードをかぶり、バンダナをしていた。Shroomerも寒くて鼻水をだしている。自分Tシャツとショーツのまま。寒い時期にトレーニングをしているので、毛細血管が自動的に収縮して、少し涼しい程度しか感じなかった。再び、Mountain Goatと会う。Dawson Passで少し休憩して、急な下りを進む。今日の目的地のNo Name Lakeはすぐそこに見えていた。絶壁の下にある湖だった。12:30 No Name Lake着。テント設営。途中、ブルーベリーが一杯あったので、食べながら歩いた。テントを張ってからShroomerたちは水浴びをするが、私はブルーベリーを採集に歩く。夕方、6名ほどのハイカーが来た。女性が一人、大きなバックパックを担いでいた。Shroomerが昨年会ったGlacierのガイドだった。ガイド料は一日100ドルとかなり高い。彼女は本格的なガソリンストーブで、参加者たちの夕食を作っていた。ガイドは引き締まった力持ちの美人で、Susanという名前だった。参加者たちは少し肥満気味だった。Shroomerががんばってワイルド・オニオンを探してくれたので、共同スープは、ホタテと乾燥野菜を入れてとろみを付けたおいしいスープが出来た。

I woke up at 6:00. We started to hike at 7:45. The ascent started. After we passed Pitmakan Lake, we reached soon at Pitmakan Pass at 9:30. It was windy. We rested for a while and hiked forward.  In the neighborhood of Cut Bank Pass, it becomes a strong wind to the extent that it sometimes choked.  I stopped and took several scenery photographs for a while. Shroomer went ahead, I followed. Trail Hacker and Piper hid behind the rock and followed slowly. I noticed later, that they wore windbreakers, their head was covered with the hood, and also covered their mouths with bandannas. Shroomer seemed cold and was taking out nasal mucus. I need not any clothes, only a T-shirt and shorts since I trained myself in the cold temperature. My capillary vessel contracted automatically when I was in the cold wind. I just felt a little cold. But needed no clothes.  Again, We met mountain goats. We rested for a while at Dawson Pass and went down.  Today's destination was No Name Lake,  visible from the pass. It was a small lake under a cliff. We reached at No Name Lake at 12:30. We pitched our tents.  Since there were many blueberries on the way, I walked eating.  After pitched our tents, Shroomer and others swam in the lake,  but I walked to collect blueberries. In the evening, around six people came. The woman carried a big backpack. She was a guide of Glacier whom Shroomer met last year. The rate of a guide was quite expensive at 100 dollars per day. She had a huge gasoline stove and was making participants' dinner. She was fit and strong. Her name was Susan. The participants tended to be fat. I was able to cook very delicious stone soup with a small number of dehydrated vegetables and scallop, thickened with starch since Shroomer did his best to find wild onion.


6:00 に起きる。何時もの朝食を食べる。ShroomerがSusanと会話をするので、少し緊張して髪を整えていた。彼は会話に成功したが、帽子を被っていたので、髪を整えた効果あったのか不明。彼女は笑顔がきれいだった。残念ながら、撮影には失敗した。7:20出発、平坦な下りで、9:30 Two Medicine Camp Groundに到着した。まず、予約テントサイトを確認してテントを設営。Shroomerの車に全員が乗り込んでMany Glacierに向かった。昼頃に到着。前回と同様にシャワーを浴びた。Shroomerは自分のお土産に素晴らしいナイフを買った。私はGlacier NPのbookletを買った。ランチを食べた。Shroomerはサラダのみ。彼は早めの夕食をとると言っていたので、5時頃かと思ったが、Many GlacierからまっすぐTwo Sisterに行き、15:00頃夕食となった。例のごとくステーキを食べたが、ミルクセーキという素晴らしいデザートも追加した。ShroomerとPiperはパンやクラッカーを食べないので、夕方か朝に食べるつもりで貰った。そして、2台の車でGlacier NPの南端の出口Walton Ranger Stationの近くに車を1台デポした。そしてTwo Medicine Camp Ground にTrail Hackerの車で戻った。明日から最終ステージになる。

I woke at 6:00. I took the usual breakfast. Shroomer was nervous and was preparing the hair with a comb. He wanted to talk with Susan in the morning. He did well about the conversation, but he was wearing a hat. Therefore, I was not sure whether the arrangement of hair had some effect. Her smiling face was beautiful. I was very regrettable since I failed photos. We started to hike at 7:20. It was a mild climb down. We arrived at Two Medicine Camp Ground at 9:20.  First, we checked our reserved tent site and pitched our tents. We rode in  Shroomer's car, and we went to Many Glacier. We arrived before noon. We took showers like last time. Shroomer bought a wonderful knife for his souvenir. I bought a booklet of Glacier N.P. I ate lunch. Shroomer ate salad since he had said that we took early dinner.  I thought it might be around 5:00 p.m. But we went to Two Sister straight from Many Glacier and ate dinner at  15:00.  I ate steak as before and added a wonderful dessert called milkshake. Since Shroomer and Piper ate neither bread nor a cracker, I got them. I thought I could eat them in the evening or in the morning. Then, we rode to the park of Walton Ranger Station at the southernmost end of Glacier N.P. ,  left one car, and returned to Two Medicine Camp Ground by Trail Hacker's car. Now the last stage of hiking begins tomorrow.


The hiking of Glacier N.P. ---The 1st stage ---



The reservation system of Glacier NP is completely different from Yosemite NP  In Yosemite NP, if you get a permit, you can pitch your tent anywhere, but In Glacier NP, you can pitch your tent at your reserved campsite. The campsite is composed of food hanging pole, food preparation area, pit toilet, and tent sites. There are only three or four tent sites, and only two tents should be pitched in each site. Therefore, the maximal number of the person in a campsite maybe 6-8.

当初、シュルーマーは後半の一週間のみしか予約出来ていなかった。幸い、Two MedicineのRanger Stationで前半の一週間の予約が出来た。我々の予約は次のような状況だった。一日0.5マイルの日、20マイルで標高差1000メーター以上の日が混じっている。これは予約の関係である。この通りに歩く必要があった。

In the beginning, Shroomer had reserved only for one week of the second half. Fortunately, we got a reservation for one week of the first half at the Ranger Station of Two Medicine. Our reservation was in the following situations. There were the days: The day of 0.5-mile distance, and day of 20 miles distance with 1200 meters elevation up and 600 meters down. This is a result of the reservation. We needed to follow this permit.

シュルーマーがどのように物資補給をするのか、知らなかった。車を2台利用し、1台は補給物資保管用、1台は移動用であった。補給場所に1台の車を置き、4名が乗車して1台でトレイルに向かい、補給場所に着いたら、2人がその車で当初のトレイルヘッドに戻って、車を持ち帰り、次の補給場所に補給用車を置いてくるという戦略だった。補給場所はMany GlacierとTwo Medicineだった。数日分の食料だけ持って移動できる利点はあるが、200kmほど車で移動しないといけないので、これも結構大変である。私なら2週間分の食料を持ってトレイル・ヘッドに立つだろう。途中のレストランには店が併設されていて、食料を購入することができる。贅沢を言わなければ、数日間の食料を持つだけで途中で購入しつつ縦走できると思う。

I did not know the Shroomer's plan about resupply at first. His plan is by using two cars, one car was used for re-supply, and the other was used for movement. At first, one car at the resupply point, four persons rode on another car, drove to the trailhead, and start to hike.  When we arrived at the resupply point, two persons drive to the trailhead by the car,  drive to the next resupply point by two cars, and return by one car. It was the strategy. Our resupply points were Many Glacier and Two Medicine. Although there is an advantage that we can hike with only several days of food, the driver should move by car about 200 km. This is also very tough. If I hike Glacier NP alone, I will start to hike with one or two weeks of food.  There are stores beside the restaurant. Then  I can purchase resupply. If you are not nervous about food, you can hike with several days of food purchasing on the way.


6:00に起きて、簡単に食事をして、7:00 Two Medicineのレンジャー・ステーションに行く。予約金の支払いを行い、グリズリー・ベアの教育ビデオを見ることが義務づけられていた。このビデオはグレイシャー国立公園のホームページにもあるので、すでに一度見たことがあった。料金は、Wilderness Permitとキャンプ料金を含めて、一人当たり80ドル程度だったと思う。

We wake up at 6:00, had breakfast quickly and went to the Two Medicine ranger station at 7:00.  We paid for the permit and the reservation and obliged to see the educational video of a grizzly bear.  I had already seen once since this video was also on the homepage of Glacier N.P. I think the payment was about 80 dollars per person including Wilderness Permit and campsite reservation.

まず、2台の車でMany Glacierに行き、Shroomerの車に補給物資を格納し、Trail Hackerの車に4名が乗車して、カナダへ向かった。カナダ国境ではパスポートを見せるだけ。私だけ日本人だから何時帰国するかと聞かれた。Trail Hackerたちは入国スタンプも押してくれないので、不満だった。しばらくして、見晴らしのよい駐車場があり、休憩し、パノラマ撮影を試みた。

First, we went to Many Glacier by two cars, and stored resupplies in  Shroomer's car. We rode on Trail Hacker's car and went to Canada. On the Canadian border, we only showed passports. I was asked when I would go back since I was only Japanese. Trail Hacker was dissatisfied because he could not get an immigration stamp.  After a while, we stopped at the good parking place, and I took a panoramic photograph.

Waterton Parkのトレイルヘッド近くに11:30 到着。車をデポし、水を補給し出発。トレイルは湖岸を進む。しばらくは日帰りのハイカーが多かった。Bertha Lakeの分岐を過ぎると我々だけになる。途中、砂浜があったので休憩。少し先に国境があった。木を刈り込んだ防火帯だったので、ちょっと笑ってしまった。Shroomerは17:00までに国境警備隊の所に行くと急ぐ。彼は一度来ているはずなのに、ペース配分が分からないようだった。16:00国境警備隊の所に到着。私だけ何時帰国するか聞かれた。Piperによると、一種の虐めらしい。カナダ入国の際、パスポートにスタンプを押してくれなかったので、ここのスタンプを押しまくる。Goat Hauntのテント場はシェルターになっていて、コンクリートの上にテントを張った。食事の後は暇。Trail Hackerは自動車にボトルを忘れたので、ゴミ箱から調達。公式にHiker Trashと認定された。私も何かめぼしい物はないかと調べてみた。するとShroomerがYoshihiroをダメにしてやったと誇らしげにいう。そんなこと言ったって、これは大昔からの習慣だよと言い返す。アメリカ基準では、遠い昔からHiker Trashだったようだ。観光客を乗せたフェリーが就航している。湖の南北を結ぶだけだが、カナダとアメリカを往復するので、Internationalという表示がある。ウソではない。片道25ドル、往復42ドルと高め。

We arrived near the trailhead of Waterton Park at 11:30. We parked a car, got water and started to hike. The trail followed the lakefront. There were many day hikers for a while. We became lonely when we passed the junction of Bertha Lake. On the way, we rested on the sands. There was a Canadian border a little before. I laughed just for a moment since it looked like the firebreak which cut the tree. Shroomer hurried because we should reach the border patrol by 17:00. He had been here, so he should know the suitable walking pace, but I think he did not know. Therefore, we arrive at the border patrol at 16:00. I was the only person, asked when I went back. According to Piper, it was a kind of tease. We pushed the stamp on our passport here, since a stamp was not pushed on the passport at the time of the Canadian entrance. The campsite of Goat Haunt was a shelter and pitched my tent on the concrete, others did cowboy camping. Nothing to do after dinner. Since Trail Hacker forgot the bottles in the car, he searched the bottles in the garbage box. Then, Trail Hacker was admitted officially as a Hiker Trash.  I also looked into the garbage box whether there were some attractive things. Then, I was said proudly by Shroomer. "We spoiled Yoshihiro!"  -- But, I said this was an old custom from young ages. On the U.S. standard, I seemed to be a Hiker Trash from ancient times. The ferry was in service with boarding many tourists.  Since it connects Canada and the United States, its body was painted as"international". It was not a lie. The rate was very expensive: one way was  25 dollars, and the round trip was 42 dollars.

Today's English

Bear Jam 熊見学の車で道がふさがってしまうことをいう。Lower Two Medicine Lakeの上流部に熊の通り道があって、車を止めて見学する人が後を絶たない。

Bear Jam ... The road was closed because of the bear sightseer's cars.  There was a place bear frequently cross at the upper part of Lower Two Medicine Lake. Many people stopped their cars and watched a bear.


7:00に起きて、パン、チーズ、ドライのタートチェリー、コーヒーで朝食。アメリカ人は朝が遅いので、一人で先に食べた。今日の移動距離は0.5マイル。みんなで超困難でハードなトレイルだという。向こう岸に行くだけなので、昼までここに留まり、昼食は湖岸の船着き場の辺りで食べた。移動には1時間かからない。途中でキノコを見つけた。木陰にテントを設営し、身体を拭いて休憩。Shroomerはキノコ採集に出かけた。17:00から夕食。Shroomerはキノコをオリーブオイルで炒めてチーズを加え、仕上げはワイルドオニオン(ニラ)。なかなかの味。Etaのクッカーが役立った。自分の夕食は何時もと同じ。吉良食品の乾燥野菜とスモークチキン、貝柱、ビーフジャーキーを煮たスープを玄米やき米にかけた中華丼、フリーズドライの納豆、マッシュドポテトを水で戻してマヨネーズとツナを加えたツナサラダ、インスタントスープだった。Shroomerは水でふやかしたnoncookメニュー、Trail HackerはJetBoilで麺をゆでて食べてた。スープは飲まない。その代わり、水にインスタントのジュースを入れて飲んでいた。Piperは私の中華丼を少し味見して旨いという。夕食後、雷と猛烈な集中豪雨。少し寝ていたが、ほかの人のテントが浸水して大変だったようだ。こちらのテントも老朽化していたので少し浸水した。

I wake up at 7:00, and eat usually bread, cheese, tart cherry ( I bought at REI ), and coffee. Americans were late in the morning, I ate alone. Today's distance was only 0.5 mile.  We talked to each other that we were confronted very tough trail ( American way of a joke). We stayed here until noon and ate lunch since we should only move to the opposite side of the lakefront. It would take around 1 hour.  We found the mushroom on the way.  I pitched my tent under the shade of trees and wiped the body and rest. Shroomer and Piper went out for the mushroom hunting. We started cooking from 17:00. Shroomer fried mushrooms with olive oil, and added cheese, and finish with wild onion. Wonderful taste. The Eta system was very useful for him. My dinner was the same as usual: the Main dish was Chinese bowl,  instant whole rice was dipped by the soup which boiled the dehydrated vegetables, with smoked chicken,  beef jerky,  scallop. Other dishes were the freeze-dry fermented soybeans, the tuna and potato salad which was made with dehydrating potato with water and mayonnaise and tuna, and instant soup. Shroomer's and Piper's dinner were the non-cook menus. Trail Hacker seemed to like noodles. He always boiled water and ate noodles by JetBoil. He did not drink soup. Instead, he was drinking the instant juice after dinner. Piper tasted a little of my dinner and said nice. After dinner, thunder and violent rain came. I was sleeping and awoke the noise. It seemed that other members' tent was flooded. My sleeping bag became a little wet since my tent was very old.


6:00に起き、食料を吊していた場所に行き、一人でパン、チーズ、マンゴー、コーヒーの朝食を済ます。Shroomerたちは遅く現れた。今日の移動距離は短いので、テントやスリーピングバッグを完全に乾かしてから移動するとのこと。パックキングして、テントを持ってきて、日当たりの良い場所に設営して、スリーピングバッグも干す。11:00移動開始。今日の移動距離はたったの3.3マイル。13:00時、Kootenai 湖、湖岸に近い良いテントサイトにテント設営。Shroomerは裸になって湖に飛び込む。やることがないので、空中を飛んでいる鳥の撮影も試みる。ハイカーたちと湖岸で話す。

I wake up at 6:00, went to the food hanging pole and ate breakfast of bread, cheese, mango, and coffee alone. Shroomer and others appeared late. Today's distance was very short, therefore we decided to start after drying tents and sleeping bags completely.  I bring my tent to the hanging pole place, and pitched my tent at a sunny place after easy packing, and also dried my sleeping bag. We started to hike at 11:00.  Today's distance was only 3.3 miles. We arrived at Kootenai Lake and pitched our tents near the lakefront. Shroomer became naked and jumped into the lake. Since there was nothing to do, I took photographs of flying birds in the air. We talked with other hikers at the lakefront.


6:00頃起きた。Shroomerは対岸にMooseを見たらしい。熱心さがなかったのでテントから出なかった。何時もの朝食、7:15出発。今日は32キロ、上昇1300メーター、下降600メーターというタフなコース。幸い、アメリカのトレイルは傾斜が緩い。Waterton Riverからの登りになると景色がよく見える。Valley トレイルを登り切り、Cathedral Peakの近くの峠で休憩。スイスのような景色が広がる。1時間ほど進むとテントサイトがあり、グリズリーが現れたというメモがあった。ここは予約していない。昼近くになるが、まだ、道のりは半分。見通しは良い。Highline トレイルという名前。Shroomerは水を見つけて昼食にしたいというが、川が涸れていて水がない。30分くらい歩くと、小川が合ったので、行動食を食べた。さらに30分ほど歩くと、小川があったので小休止。これはAhern Creekだった。残り1/3程度だが、まだ数時間かかる。歩行ペースが遅いので、少し先にスタートすると、Hell Hikerだと言われた。Shroomerは疲れていたようだ。アップダウンが何度もあり、なかなかGranite Park Chaletが見えない。脚の筋肉が部分的に痙攣したが、気にせず歩いた。17:30 カーブを曲がるとやっとGranite Park Chaletが見えた。カメラの電池を交換するために小休止。Shroomerは空き部屋があるかもしれないので、まずChaletに行きたいという。個人的には早くテントを張りたかったが。18:00 Granite Park Chalet。空き部屋は無かった。ガスを使わせてもらい夕食を作り、外のベンチで食べた。その後、途中で水を汲み、テントを張って落ち着いたのは21:00になった。

I woke up at 6:00. Seemingly, Shroomer looked at Moose on the opposite shore. I had no eagerness, so I stayed in the tent. I ate my usual breakfast. We started to hike at 7:15. Today was the really tough course,  its distance was 32 km, 1300 meters of ascent, and 600 meters of descent. Fortunately, the American trail was not steep.  A magnificent scenery was clearly seen when we made an ascent from Waterton River. We rested at the pass near Cathedral Peak after hiked up Valley Trail. It looked like Switzerland. When we walked for about 1 hour, there was a tent site, and there was a memo that the grizzly bear appeared.  We had not reserved here. Although it was near noon,  a half distance remained.  The scenery of Highline Trail was excellent.

Shroomer wanted to eat lunch when we found water, but there was no water, only dried creek. When we walked for around 30 minutes, we found a small creek, then we had lunch. I ate an energy bar.  And we walked forward for about 30 minutes or 1 hour, there was Ahern Creek. We rested for around 10 minutes. But, I thought that the remaining 1/3 distance might take several hours. Since my walking pace was slow,  I started ahead. Shroomer said to me that I was a Hell Hiker.  Shroomer might be tired. There were several up and down repeatedly and Granite Park Chalet could not be easily seen. Although the muscles of my legs twitched partially, I ignored and walked forward. At 17:30, When we turned at the curve,  Granite Park Chalet appeared at last. I changed the batteries of the camera, and rested for a while. Shroomer said that they might have a vacant room and wanted to go there first. I wanted to pitch our tents at first but followed him because of curiosity.  At 18:00, Granite Park Chalet. There was no empty room. We could use the kitchen, and ate dinner on the outer bench. Then, we got water on the way and pitched our tents.  It was 21:00 when all was settled down.


6:00頃起きて、パン、チーズ、マンゴー、コーヒーの朝食。Shroomerたちはテントを片付けてパッキングしてから食事の場所に来る。特に理由はないらしい。この頃はかれらと行動を共にした。Granite Parkのテントサイトのpit toiletは木々の間に便器がぽつんとおいてあるだけだった。初めはどうかと思ったが、臭わないし、景色を眺めながら用が足せるし、なかなか良かった。後で聞いた話だが、私の前に用を足した女性の傍にグリズリーが来たらしい。私の時も傍にいたと思うが気づかなかった。

I wake up at 6:00. I ate bread, cheese,  mango, and coffee as breakfast. Shroomer and others come to the food preparation area, after the packing of the tent. There was no reason in the order. I went along with them these days.  The pit toilet of Granite Park had was only the toilet bowl lonely between trees. I did not like at first because of privacy, but it was very comfortable because no smell existed. We could do our business,  looking at the scenery. It was good. I heard later that a grizzly bear came near to the woman who did business before me.  I did not notice, although the bear might be near me.

7:30 出発、Chaletの前で記念撮影。Swiftcurrent Passへ少し登る。峠から少し下ると、Swiftcurrent沿いの多くの湖が見える。トレイルはよいので快調に飛ばし、11:00 Many Glacier到着。予約テントサイトを探し、テント設営。シャワーできれいになる。下着はシャワーで洗ってしまったが、Piperがコインランドリーを使うのでShroomerとTrail Hackerが便乗。アメリカ人は手で洗わないようだ。レストランで昼食。ShroomerとTrail Hackerは車でWaterton Parkまで行き、一台を回収して戻ってきた。今度は4名でTwo Medicineのキャンプ場まで行き、Shroomerの車をデポ、帰りにTwo Sisterというレストランでステーキを食べる。Many Glacierのキャンプ場に戻ると10:00だった。Shroomerはすっかり疲れていた。

We started the hike at 7:30. We took commemoration photos near Chalet.  We arrived at Swiftcurrent Pass for a while  When we went down from the pass for a while, we could see many lakes along Swiftcurrent. Since it was a good trail, we walked quickly. We arrived at Many Glacier at 11:00.  We looked for the reserved tent site and pitched our tents. We got a shower, and became clean.  I washed my underwear in the shower. Since Piper used a coin laundry,  Shroomer and Trail Hacker gave her their underwear. I had not seen that Americans washed underwear by hand. We ate lunch at the restaurant. Now, Shroomer and Trail Hacker went by car to Waterton Park and returned with two cars. Piper and I killed the time in the store. Then we went to the campsite of Two Medicine and ate steak at a restaurant called Two Sister on the way to return to Many Glacier.  It was 10:00 when we returned to the campsite. Shroomer was tired very much. 


The Drive from Wyoming to Montana

Wind River Range を後にして、Big Sandy Elkhorn Roadを突っ走る。未舗装で土埃がひどい。一時間ばかりすると、牛の群れが道路を塞いでいた。カーボーイが牛を移動中だった。カーボーイは昔のように馬に乗って、ちょっとオシャレをしている。この辺りはOpen Rangeといって、柵がないので、牛は自由に移動できる。車が来ても牛は驚かない。シュルーマーは困って、カーボーイにどうしたら先に行けるかと聞いた。警笛を鳴らし続けろという答えだった。30分くらいかけて牛の集団を追い抜いた。目指すはイエローストーンの手前のJacksonという町だった。この時、カメラのモードスイッチが狂ってしまい、写真を20枚くらい失敗した。それで半日分の写真がない。

We left Wind River Range, and drove rapidly through Big Sandy Elkhorn Road. The dust was tremendous, because the road was not paved. After around 1 hour drive, a herd of the cow blockked the the road.  The cowboys were moving the cows. They were riding on horses like ancient times, and they wore good looking cloths. This neighborhood was called "open range", which means no fence. Therefore, cows move freely. They never surprised even if a car came. Shroomer had a trouble to drive a car, and asked to a cowboy the best way to go though it. The answer was to sound an alarm continuously. We passed the group of the cow over about 30 minutes. We were heading to Jackson located before Yellowstone NP  At this time, the mode switch of the camera went wrong and I failed about 20 photographs. Therefore, there is no photograph for half a day.


We arrived at Jackson past around 6:00 p.m.  When we went to the motel, only one room was vacant. The rate was around 200 dollars, and there might be no vacant room at other cheap motel. There was no choice. We checked in this motel and went for the dinner. But a steakhouse is no vacancy, then  we enter the cheap buffet of the Chinese restaurant. It was not tasty.


Shroomer worked with his laptop computer for a long time. Since I was free, I was reading facebook by the smart phone. Then, I noticed that Smile  wrote in Shroomer's page. Shroomer seemed to be not noticed. I taught him then he was very surprised. Smile was staying at Dubois near here by chance.  Our schedule was changed immediately.  We decided to go to Dubois tomorrow.



We wake up at 7:00 local time. We used the California time until now. The change was troublesome and we left as it was.  The breakfast of the motel was buffet style. Since Shroomer ate neither wheat nor sugar, he carried in and ate his cereal.


The cereal of  the motel was somewhat sweet. I turned round and round the the knob of an instrument which contained cereal, but I could not get the cereal easily. It took a long time to wait to fall downward. Then, an American could not tolerate to wait, he turned the knob clockwise. Then I got lots of cereal  immediately. I noticed for the first time that  I was turning the knob another direction. 


There was an whole orange. It was not cut. Shroomer said that striped off  the skin and ate it. Then, I stripped off the skin, and ate it. He astonished and said barbarian in a loud voice. He said it should be divided and eat one by one and it was a barbarian behavior to eat as a whole.


Next, I picked up the waffles. I ate one,  two, three, with my finger. Shroomer said I was a barbarian in a loud voice. According to his explanation, it should be eaten with a knife and a fork. Waffles were usually full in syrup and they could not be eaten by hand at all. But, I did not used any syrup then I could eat it with my fingers. Why not.


There were fried potatoes. I ate this with a fork. Shroomer said it should be eaten by hand, it is a finger food. It was very difficult to understand. According to his explanation, It should be eaten by hand, since it had been eaten by the hand from ancient times. I did not know such a thing. He said that it was the same as sushi. But I eat sushi usually with chopsticks.


We left around 8:00 and looked at Gland Teton NP from the car. The Gland Teton in French means huge tits. French women's tits may be sharp. We turn east from Moran. Shroomer said we would cross CDT and we should pick up thru-hikers. He want to be a trail angel, and wants to give a ride as far as possible.  Fortunately, we met two hikers, we gave them a ride and arrived at Dubois, where we met Smile and Train.  Shroomer and Smile and embraced each other and  pleased very much with reunion. Train was a very gay with an aesthetic sense. He had hurt his leg. He was an  eccentric person who wore the wedding dress and did the thru-hike of  PCT. We all stay at the same roome. Such a way of staying is called hiker trash style. I decided to sleep on the floor beside the window, because I liked the floor.


We went to the nearby restaurant all together for lunch and dinner.  I ate salad for lunch, and steak for dinner.  Although, Smile was a vegetarian and Shroomer did not eat bread, there were other choice.  It was like a party.



I slept soundly, since I slept on the floor which was very stable. Although a little air was leaking  from a mattress, I could not find out the location, so I could not fix this problem. We went to the same restaurant again. I ate the pancakes for breakfast.  An American pancake looks rude. That the point I love it.


Shroomer worked as a trail angel.  First, we should ride Smile back to the trail.  After sending her by car to the juncture with CDT and made good-by to her, we returned to Dubois's motel.  Next we should send Train to Shoshoni where was a bus stop, because he had hurt his leg considerably and he should bail out from CDT.  We ate lunch at a tacos restaurant in Riverton.


Now, we had done all the work of trail angel. We were heading to Yellowstone NP. It was located in North East, but there was a considerable distance. We passed a huge hot spring and arrived  Cody at 16:00 p.m.  When we visited the motel which seems to be cheap, only one vacant room was available. Although it was a room with three beds, we decided to stay immediately. We were  lucky, Sierra Trading Post was located at the other side of the street, and now on sale. I bought half a dozen of thin socks of smart wool.


Shroomer asked the staff of the motel about the delicious restaurant. The buffet of steak restaurant was located near hear by car.  25 dollars. That was the best prime rib, which was cut in thickness of a little more than 3 cm, and served very rapidly. Since Shroomer ate two pieces, I ate also two.  Shroomer was surprised and said he was the professional and natural to eat two, but I am not.  The prime rib was the best meat we had met in our tour, but the other dishes are normal level.

レストランから出ると、ハーレーダビッドソンのバイクがずらりと並んでいたし、皮ジャンを着た入れ墨男が闊歩していた。また、テンガロンハットをかぶったカーボーイ、身長が2メーターを超える男、インディアンもいた。腰に拳銃を付けていれば、西部劇の時代と勘違いするだろう。このあたりはWild Wild Westの中心。バッファロービルの記念館もあった。バッファロービルはこの町を作った中心人物だった。ちなみに地名の「コディー」は、「ダコタ生まれ」の意味、バッファロービルのお母さんの名前でもある。

When we came out from the restaurant, the motorbikes of Harley-Davidson were in a line. The tattoo min who wore leather jackets were waling with large stride. Moreover, there was the men who was over 2 meters tall, and the Indians, and cowboys whor wore ten-gallon hat.  If they carried guns around their waist,  no one would doubt we were living at the time of a Western film. This town was the center of Wild Wild West. There was also a memorial hall of  Buffalo Bill. He was key person who made this town. Incidentally "Cody" of the name of this town has a means  of "born in Dakota", and it was name of Buffalo Bill's mother.


We return to the motel. Shroomer checked  e-mails by his laptop. I checked simply by my smart phone. I should repair my air mattress.  I put it water into the bath, stepped on on foot decisively, and applied my weight. Then, the location of leakage was found at last. I marked with the pencil and dried till the morning. After drying, I adhered a patch and the problem was fixed before arriving at Glacier NP.

Today's English

coyote ランダムハウス英語辞典の発音記号によると、カイオウティ、カイオウトなど。日本語ではコヨーテというが、アメリカ人は誰もコヨーテとは言わない、カヨリと発音する。これはネットの発音データベースでも確認できる。

According to the phonetic symbol of  Random House English dictionary, [kaiouti], [kaiout], etc. In  Japanese, we pronounce [koyoute], but no American speaks as such.  It's pronunciation is [ kayori ]. You can check this also in the pronunciation database of a network.



The breakfast of a motel is worst. Sweet bread, and sweet cereal and coffee.  Shroomer brought in and ate his own meal. Since he could not drink coffee, except decaf. We were heading to Yellowstone NP at last.  When we passed away Buffalo Bill Reservoir, strange rocky mountains  appeared. They may be build by the rain.  There was a huge forest fire trace near Yellowstone Lake.  There were many dead trees. The lake was huge, looked like a sea.

10時頃、West Thumb Geyser Basinに立ち寄って見学した。ゲイザーベイズンとは間欠泉地帯の意味。遊歩道が出来ていて、観光客も一杯いる。ゆっくりと一回りして撮影した。その後、巨大な間欠泉で有名なOld Faithful Geyser に向かう。11:00到着、車が多く、人だらけ。Old Faithful Geyserの前のベンチに場所を取り、30分以上待った。間欠泉が立ち上り、写真を沢山写す。5分くらいで終了してしまう。その後、遊歩道を歩き、Grand Geyserでランチ。残念ながら間欠泉の噴出は終わっていたようで、一回りして、帰る。シュルーマーと少しの間はぐれたが、車の所に戻って待っていたら、彼も戻ってきた。少しコミュニケーションの行き違いはあるが、行動は補えるようになっていた。人が多くて疲れてしまったので、我々は逃げるようにしてイエローストーンを後にした。道路脇で、バイソンとエルクの写真撮影に成功。

Around 10:00 a.m., we visited West Thumb Geyser Basin, and walked sightseeing. Geyser Basin means a geyser zone. The promenade was full of tourists. We went round slowly and took many  photographs. Then, We went Old Faithful Geyser, which was famous for a huge geyser. We reached around 11:00 a.m.  Full of cars and persons. We got a place on the bench in front of Old Faithful Geyser, and waited 30 minutes or more. A geyser rose and I took many photographs. It  ended in about 5 minutes. Then, we walked along a promenade. We ate lunch at Grand Geyser. Though regrettable, as jet of the geyser had finished, we went round and returned. I lost sight of Shroomer for a few minutes, I returned to the place of our car and waited for him. Shroomer  also returned. We had some gap and misunderstanding of communication for a while. Since there were too many people, we were very tired. We decided to escape from Yellowstone NP.  By the road side, I took several photographs of a bison and elks.


Although our destination was Lima, it was far on a highway, we searched No. 22 line, and we carried out the shortcut. There was no sign at junction, and it took much time to find the right way. The road became unpaved soon, and the road signs were shot with the pistol and became full of holes at in some places. Mostly, it is the world of a Western film. We seemed to stray into another road. We arrived Devois (different from the above mentioned town) instead of Spencer. We joined Interstate 15 and drove north. Since CDT was intersected on the way, Shroomer looked carefully, but we could not find out the customer. It was very regrettable.


We arrived at the Mountain View Motel of Lima in the evening around 4:00. The owner of the motel was trail angel and the lodging rate was extremely cheap. I bought a heart shape stone for the souvenir. This could not be obtained at other place. Lima was the place out of which many fossils of the dinosaur came. The store was also selling the small fossils. We at dinner at  a nearby restaurant.

Today's English

California ... 金が採れたから Golden state 
Nevada ... 銀が採れたから Silver state
Montana ... 空が広いから Big Sky state
Okey Dokey .... OKの意味。スラング。

California is called Golden State, since gold was mined 
Nevada is called Silver State, since silver was mined
Montana is called Big Sky State, since its sky is huge.
Okey Dokey .... it is a slang, means OK.


7:00に起きて、部屋で朝食をとり、8時出発、高速道路15号を北上する。11:00 Helena のSafe wayというスーパーに到着。サラダなどを購入した。Helenaはモンタナの州都。 少し走って休憩所で昼食。13:30 Augusta 到着。まっすぐにGlacier Parkに向かう。15:30 Two Medicine着。シュルーマーはレインジャーステーションに話に行く。1週間の予約あったが、残り1週間の予約ができていなかった。トライするが期待は出来なかったので、すぐに終わると思った。それで、私はTwo Medicineを見学して時間をつぶした。

We wake up around 7:00,  took breakfast in the room. We started at 8:00, heading north on Interstate 15.  We arrived at a supermarket called Safe way of Helena at 11:00 Helena. We purchased the salad etc. Helena is the center city of Montana.  We drove for a while, reached a rest place, and ate lunch.  We arrived Augusta at 13:30. We went to Two Medicine in Glacier Park at 15:30. Shroomer visited the ranger station for our reservation, because we had gotten only one week reservation, and had not been reserved another one week. He said that it did not take long time, because reservation might be difficult, but he would like to try.  Then, I did sightseeing around Two Medicine Lake and killed time.

シュルーマーはなかなか帰ってこなかった。良い兆候だった。1時間半ほどして、満身の笑みを見せて帰ってきた。親切なレインジャーがコンピュータで検索して、一週間分の予約をしてくれた。これで我々はカナダのWaterton国立公園から縦走できることになった。明日、早朝にもう一度訪れる必要が出てきた。その後、East Glacierに引き返し、Trail Hacker, Piperと初顔合わせ、食料を整えた。夕食はメキシコ料理。4人、同じ部屋で寝た。明日からGlacierのハイキングが始まる。

Shroomer did not come back easily. It was a good sign. It took  1 hour and a half until his return. He smiled a lot and came back. The kind ranger struggled with a computer reservation system and got one week reservation. Now, we could hike through from  Waterton NP in Canada to Glacier NP in USA.  The necessity of visiting on tomorrow early morning came out. Then, we returned to East Glacier and met Trail Hacker and  Piper. It was the first meeting for me.  We checked 1 week's food. We ate dinner at near the Mexican restaurant. We slept all together in a same room. The hike of Glacier will start tomorrow.


Wind River Range ( south )




11:10 Big Sandy Lake。湖の北側で昼食。馬で物資を運んできた人がいた。この人とは帰りにも会った。ロッジの従業員。12:50出発。この頃はShroomerと呼吸が合わず、地図の見方が飲み込めず、少しはぐれた。トレイルは少し急になる。人が急に少なくなった。

Big Sandy Passに来ると、Lonesome Lakeが見えた。15:30 Lonesome Lake. 湖岸はキャンプ禁止なので、少し離れた場所にテント設営。初めてベアハングを試みる。昔、やり投げをやっていたので、その要領でできるかと思ったら、失敗ばかり。ヒモの先端に石を括り付けて投げるのが一番簡単だった。夕食は何時ものように中華丼、納豆、ツナとジャガイモのサラダ、スープ。Shroomerはノン・クックで、水で膨らませた食事。

I waked at 5:00, but Shroomer wanted to sleep more. We wake up at 6:00 and ate the leftovers as a breakfast. The ice in the icebox was remained until today. We were hiking the grizzly country, Shroomer game me a bear spray. We started to hike at 8:30. It had been a terrible thunderstorm last night, but it was fine today. Shroomer discovered a big mushroom near the trail soon. He said it was Porcini, which might be 100 dollars in San Francisco. The trail was slightly uphill.

11:10 Big Sandy Lake. We had lunch at the north side of the lake. We met a man who carried many re-supplies on a horse. I met this person once more at the end of the hike. He was the employee of the lodge. At 12:50, we started to hike. I went wrong way a little, since I did not recognize his pace and not accustomed to the American map. The trails became steep a little. 

There were few hikers when we came to Big Sandy Pass. We saw Lonesome Lake, and reached the lake at 15:30. We pitched our tents at the slightly remote place, because the camping was prohibited near the lakeside. The bear hanging was the first time for me. I thought that I could do it by the way of javelin, because I was a javelin thrower in high school age. But, I could not as the old days. It was the easiest to throw a stone, tied the tip of the string. The dinner was as usual: a Chinese bowl, natto, tuna and potato salad, and soup.  Shroomer was a non cook menu: re-hydrated food with water.


5:30頃起きた。Shroomerも目は覚めていた。ゆっくりして、朝食は残り物のピザとコーヒー。7:45スタート。Lizard Head Meadowsを経て、登りに入る。登ると高原状だが、標高は3000メーターを越えている。草原を見てShroomerはタンドラというが、意味が分からず、日本語でツンドラだと分かる。日本語ではツンドラは高緯度地域のみを指すが、英語のツンドラは高層湿原もすべて含める。12:00 Cathedral Peakの傍で昼食。傍だからか、JMTのCathedral と異なり、そびえ立って見えない。13:45 Bears Ears Trail から下っていく。Valentine Lakeで水を補給。15:00 渡渉後、丘に登ってテント設営。Ranger Parkという名前だが、Rangerはどこにもいない。

We woke up at about 5:30, relaxed, and the breakfast was the leftover of pizza and coffee. We started to hike at 7:45.  We began to climb via Lizard Head Meadows. It was like a plain, but the altitude exceeds 3,000 meters above the sea level. Shroomer said tundra seeing a grassy plain, but I could not understand the meaning of tundra. In the Japanese language, the meaning of tundra was restricted to grass field in a high latitude area, but in the English language, all the high-rise damp plains seem to be included. We took lunch at the side of Cathedral Peak at 12:00. Unlike Cathedral Peak of JMT, it did not rise sharply. We hiked down from Bears Ears Trail at 13:45. We took water at Valentine Lake for resupply. After the fording, we pitched our tents on the hill at 15:00. It was Ranger Park, but there is no ranger anywhere.


5:30に起きて、パン、マンゴー、コーヒーの朝食。7:00デイパックでサイドトリップに出発した。Washakie Lakeで昨日会ったパーティがキャンプをしていた。峠が近づくと、Shroomerは喜んでペースを上げた。マウンテンゴートになった気分だという。9:10 Washakie Pass. Shroomerは今度は"Adventure for non adventurous hiker"という本を書けという。お節介な人間だ。従兄弟と似ている。

11:40テントに戻り、昼食、休憩してから13:20出発。14:25小さな池、英語ではtarnというらしい。15:00 Grave Lakeの傍の丘にテント設営。この先は急勾配になるので、早めにテント場を決めた。まだ、ベア・ハンギングになれない。石を投げる時にShroomerがあちらから投げた方がよいと言ったので、その通りにすると、石がShroomerのテントを直撃。キューベンのテントが大きく裂けた。幸い、彼はリペア・テープを持っていて、ほぼ修理ができた。メーカーは無償修理してくれるという。夕食ではスープを作り、Shroomerにも味見をさせる。その後、やることがないので、湖岸を歩き、写真撮影。良い場所にテントを張ったと思う。

I woke up at 5:30, ate bread, mango, and coffee for breakfast. We started on a side trip with a day pack at 7:00. The party whom we had met yesterday camped in Washakie Lake. Shroomer increased his speed with pleasure, and said he felt like a mountain goat, when we approached the pass. At 9:10 Washakie Pass. Shroomer said to me I should write a book, entitled "Adventure for non adventurous hiker" next time. He was a meddlesome human being, and resembled my cousin in nature.

We returned to our tent site  at 11:40, took a lunch and rest,  left at 13:20. At 14:25, small pond. Shroomer said it was called tarn in English. We pitched our tents near Grave Lake at 15:00, because it would be a steep place beyond this aria. Therefore, we decided our tent site early. I was not yet used to bear hanging. When I threw a stone, Shroomer suggested another direction. Therefore, I moved my position and threw a stone. Then, the stone hit Shroomer's tent directly. The cuben fiber tent was tore greatly. Fortunately, he had repair tape, and repaired almost completely. He said that the tent maker would repair his tent for free. I cooked soup for dinner, and let Shroomer taste. We had nothing to do after dinner, we walked the lakefront and took many photos. I thought that we  pitched our tents in a good place.


6:00に起きて、パン、ミューズリ、コーヒー。スリーピング・パッドから空気が漏れるが場所が分からない。7:15出発。リトル・ヨセミテのような風景が広がる。Mount Hookerの岩山は垂直に近い勾配で、エルキャピタンのようだ。日本の高層湿原のような湿地帯があり、Shroomerに教えた。9:30 Halley Pass. Shroomerは急な坂をscree slopeというと説明。因子分析でのscree plotはこの意味。ミネソタから来た家族と立ち話。Shroomerによると、スカンジナビアからの移住者はミネソタの湖沼地帯が故郷に似ていたので定住したが、その後、サンフランシスコがもっと良いことに気づいたんだよという。彼はノルウェーの遺伝子が濃い。12:10 Pyramid Lakeで昼食。明日はクロスカントリーをするので、丘の上にテント設営。峠を越えるとハイカーが多くなった。水たまりでスリーピングパッドの空気漏れを発見したが、修理の時に見失った。しばらく放置。

I woke up at 6:00; the bread, mango, muesli, and coffee for breakfast. The small amount of air leaked out from the sleeping pad, but I could not find out a place. We started to hike at 7:15. The scenery looked like as little Yosemite. Mt. Hooker was like Mt. El Capitan, because the rock wall was vertical. There was the damp area such as the Japanese high altitude damp plain and taught it to Shroomer. At 9:30 Halley Pass. Shroomer explained that a rapid slope was called scree slope. I knew the word "scree" as "scree plot" of eigenvalue in the factor analysis. We met the family who came from Minnesota. Shroomer said to me that the immigrants from Scandinavia settled down in Minnesota, because the wet field resembled their home town, but later, they found that San Francisco was better. Much of Shroomer's gene came from Norway. We had lunch at Pyramid Lake at 12:10. We pitched our tents on a hill, because we would like to do a cross-country hiking.  Hikers increased when we came to the east side of the mountain pass. I found the location of the puncture of the sleeping pad in a puddle, but lost sight at the time of repair. I left untouched for a while.


12時間くらい寝た。Shroomerはいびきをかいていたのだが、あまり眠れなかったという。パン、マンゴー、コーヒー。7:00 サイドトリップ開始。自分はRibzをウエストバッグにし、ShroomerにデイパックMarmot Kompressor Plusを貸した。彼はこれがたいそう気に入ったようだ。クロスカントリーは簡単で踏み跡もあった。Raid Peakがすぐ前に見える所まで行き、引き返した。Ambush Peakと形がそっくり。Ambush Peakの側面には褶曲の大きな模様が見える。10:00テントに戻り、11:00出発、11:20 Skull Lake. 分岐の傍は低湿地(marsh)、Shroomerはビーバーが住んでいるという。地面がでこぼこしている。氷河地形の一種だろう。13:30 Shadow Lake、ミネソタの親子と再会。娘は音楽の才能のある人。長話となる。トレイルを見失い、クロスカントリーで14:30 Billys Lake。湖岸から離れた丘にテント設営。

I slept for around 12 hours. Shroomer said he did not sleep very much, but he did not noticed his  snoring. The bread, mango, and coffee. We started to do a side trip at 7:00. I carried my gear in Ribz, and Shroomer carried my Marmot Kompressor Plus. He liked this pack very much. The cross-country hike was very easy, and there was the trace, too. We went to the place where Raid Peak was seen, and returned. Raid Peak looked similar as Ambush Peak. There was a striped pattern in the side of Ambush Peak. We returned our tents and started to hike at 11:00.
At 11:20, Skull Lake. Near the junction to Shadow Lake, we rested in meadow (marsh) for a while. Shroomer said that there might be beaver dam. The ground was uneven. It would be a kind of the glacier topography. At 13:30, Shadow Lake. We met the Minnesota family again. The daughter had a talent of the music. Shroomer talked for a long time. Then we hike again. We lost right trail, and did a cross-country. At 14:30, Billys Lake. We pitched our tents in the remote hill from the lakefront.


5:30 に起きた。湯を沸かそうとしたらライターが壊れた。他に着火装置がなく困ったが、Shroomerは緊急用にマッチを二つ持っていた。一つ貰う。今後、オリジナルのイグナイターとライターの二つを持つことにする。何時もの朝食にプロバーを一つ追加。6:20出発。元の分岐に戻り、少し歩くと、氷河で岩が削られた場所がある。Shroomer はGlacier Polishだと英語教育に乗り出す。11:30 Big Sandy Campground に戻る。ハイキング終了。終了間際に巨大マッシュルームを3-4つ採る。成長しすぎの物はShroomerがスライスして天日干しにする。車の中はマッシュルームの強い香。ロッジに出かけるが誰もいない。レストランは宿泊客だけにしか営業しない。身体を拭き、水を補給してJacksonに向けて出発した。


I woke up at 5:30. When I was going to boil hot water, the lighter was broken. I had no other firing device, but Shroomer had two matches for emergency. Great guy. He gave me one. I had to  decide to add an original igniter in future. I added PROBAR to the usual breakfast. We started to hike at 6:20. We returned to the junction and walked a little, there was the rock, which was  sharpened by a glacier. Shroomer said that was Glacier Polish. He started to educate me in English. We came back to Big Sandy Campground at 11:30. Our hiking was over. We picked 3-4 huge mushrooms just before the end. Shroomer sliced the mushroom which grown too much up and made dehydrate mushroom by the sun. The mushroom flavor became full in the car. We went to the lodge, but there is nobody. The restaurant was only for hotel guests. We wiped our body, got some water,  and left for Jackson.

I failed around 20 photographs hereafter, because the mode switch of the camera turned at a wrong location. Thus, there was no photograph for half day.


The way to Wind River Range



車は戻ってきたが、部品がないので修理は出来なかったという。ドアに不調があるとのことだった。ただ、ツーリング中、ドアは正常動作した。昼食を食べて、食事の残りを保冷箱に入れて大量に積み込み、マルチネスを13:00頃出発した。Interstate 80をサクラメントに向かった。ShroomerはPCTAのオフィスがあるという。

サクラメントについたのは14:00頃で大きな川(Sacrament River)を2回ほど渡った。PCTAのオフィスは立派なビルにあり、中も綺麗だった。Shroomerは例のごとくおしゃべりして、部屋をすべて見学した。歴史的な写真も陳列されていた。14:30サクラメントを出発、interstate 80を時速110 km/h程度で突っ走った。15:10 Auburn, 16:30 Donner Lake。セージ(sage)のブッシュが時々丘を覆っていた。

Nevadaに入った。Shroomerによれば、Nevadaではギャンブルも売春もすべてが合法だという。カジノの看板も現れた。17:00 Reno着。先は長いので、突っ走る。Lovelockで給油。一日中走るのでガソリンの減りも早い。Shroomerは、モーテルはどこでも空いているというので、比較的大きな町Winnemuccaまで走ることにした。午後8時過ぎに着くが、どのモーテルも満員。仕方なく先に進む。Battle Mountainも小さな町でモーテルがない。

21:30 Beowawe Rest Placeに到着。もうさすがに暗い。Shroomerも疲れの色が目立つ。水とトイレのある公園。ここでビバークを決意。テントを張るのは違法だが、暗闇に転がって寝るのは合法。Shroomerは車の心配もしていて車中泊。私は外で寝るのが好きなので、公園の外れの暗闇に向かい、マットレスとスリーピングバックを使ったので、少し暑かったが、ぐっすりと寝た。

[ Today's English ]

interstate highway 州をつなぐ高速道路。国が整備している。
nugget ← gold nugget
mustang ← wild horses

カリフォルニアでは金が取れた。金の塊をgold nuggetという。nuggetは塊りという意味だが、チキンのフライの形や色が似ていることからchicken nuggetという言葉が使われるようになった。


The car was returned, but the repair was not done, because the special parts were needed. There seemed to be something wrong at the doors. But, during the touring, the doors worked perfect. We  ate lunch, loaded the large quantities of the leftover in a ice box,  and left Martinez at about 13:00.

We went to Sacramento using interstate 80. Shroomer said that there was an office of PCTA. We arrived at Sacramento at about 14:00, and crossed a big rivers (Sacrament River) two times. There was the office of PCTA in the excellent building. The office was very clean. Shroomer talked a lot as usual. We saw all the rooms. The historic photograph was exhibited, too. We left Sacramento at 14:30 and drove interstate 80 at around 110 km/h. At 15:10 Auburn, at 16:30 Donner Lake. The bush of sage sometimes covered the hill.

We entered Nevada. Shroomer said that everything was legal in Nevada: the gambling and the prostitution. The signboard of the casino appeared, too. At 17:00 Reno. We had to drive without rest, because of long way to Wyoming. We filled up gas at Lovelock.  We drove all day, then the consumption gasoline became large. Shroomer said that there are vacant motels anywhere, and decided to find motel at the relaively big town Winnemucca. We arrived at  8:00 p.m., but all the motels were full. We drove further unwillingly. Battle Mountain was a small town, and we could not find motel.

We came to Beowawe Rest Place at 21:30. It was already dark. Shroomer tired very much. There were good water and clean restroom at the rest place. We decided to stay here. It was illegal to pitch a tent, but it is legal to do a cowboy camping. I went to the remote place and slept in the darkness. Shroomer worries about the car, and slept in the car. It was slightly hot, because I used a mattress and a sleeping bag. I slept well

[ Today's English ]

interstate highway --- the highways linking major cites in US.
nugget ← gold nugget
mustang ← wild horses

There was a gold rush in California. The bullion is called gold nugget. The word chicken nugget came to be used because the form and a color of the fried chicken were similar.

I associated the name of a fighter and the car when I heard mustang, but Shroomer said that this word meant a small wild horse, inhabiting near here. There is a signboard near Reno, indicated "mustang".


5時過ぎに起きたが、Shroomerは寝ていた。少し待って6時に起こす。このあたりはアメリカインディアンの地名が多い。Battle Mountainでは、白人との激しい戦いがあったのだろう。7:00出発。8:45 Wells。丘には juniperpinion pine が生えていたShroomerによると、インディアンの食べ物だったという。

9:30車窓の両方の地面が真っ白になってきた。しばらくして、Salt Flatsに到着。トイレ休憩と記念撮影。このあたり、鉄道が走っている。昔、鉄道を西から敷設した際、中国人とアイリッシュの労働者を競争させたとのこと。中国人の方がよく働いたという。

Salt Lake Cityを通過、Temple Squareはモルモン教の中心だという。12:00 スーパーで昼食を購入、郊外のRest Placeで昼食とした。13:00出発。14:20 Bad Land を通過。起伏があり、水がなく、昔は幌馬車では通れなかったので迂回した場所。15:00 Green River、Rock Springから189号線で北上。Farsonまでは順調に来るが、その先が分からない。標識が見当たらない。

28号線を数マイル往復し、2番目の道を選ぶ。Sqaw Roadに入り、Lander Cut of Road, Big Sandy Opening Roadとたどるのが正解。キャンプ場に着いたのは18:00過ぎに到着。天気は崩れそうで、雷雨の予報。車はShroomerが寝ると狭いので、外にテントを張る。ベンチで残り物で夕食。夕食後、猛烈な雷雨となった。雷が2-3時間続いた。雹は降らなかった。キャンプ場の標高は2685メーターもあった。夜、23時頃に雨が収まった。

I got up at past 5:00, but Shroomer was sleeping. I waited for long time, and waked him at 6:00. There are many places named by  the American Indian in this neighborhood. There would be the intense fights among the white and the American Indian at Battle Mountain. We departed at 7:00, and arrived Wells at 8:45. According to Shroomer, juniper and pinion pine were the food of the Indian, which covered the hill.

At 9:30, the landscape of the both side of car became white. And we arrived Salt Flats in several minutes. We stopped for a restroom and took ceremonial photos. There was a railroad along the road. Shroomer said that Chinese and Irish were competed the construction of the railroad, when it  was constructed from the west. Chinese worked well.

We passed Salt Lake City. Temple Square was the center of the Mormonism. We bought lunch at the supermarket at 12:00, and ate at the suburban rest place in a suburban supermarket. We departed at 13:00. We passed Bad Land at 14:20. Bad Land was the place that there were ups and downs, and there was not water. Peoples forced to detour around, because they  was not able to go through the hills by the covered wagon in old days. We passed Green River, and turned north at Rock Spring at 15:00. We drove along Route 189.

We arrived smoothly at Farson,  but we could not find a sign We did several miles round trip along  Route 28,  and choose the second blanch. We drove  Sqaw Road, and Lander Cut of Road, then Big Sandy Opening Road. It was the correct answer. We reached the campground at past 18:00. The thunder and hail were forecasted. I pitched my tent, because our car was narrow when Shroomer lies down. We had lots of stuff. We ate the leftovers at the bench. After the dinner, an intense thunderstorm came. It lasted 2-3 hours. The hail did not fall. The altitude of the campground was 2,685 meters. It stopped raining  at about 23:00.