UPI から変わったソーラーライトの提供を受けた。WAKA WAKA Power という品物で、スワヒリ語で「明るく輝く」という意味らしい。正直に言って、デザインが珍妙で、販売価格が税込みで8295円では、店頭で見ても購入することはないだろう。

I was offered an unique solar light from UPI. It is called WAKA WAKA Power. Its meaning is "shining brightly" in Swahili. Honestly, the design is funny, the price is \8,295 including tax. I would not purchase this when I saw in the shop.

しかし、使ってみて少し驚いた。冷静になると、かなり使えるライトである。特にキャンプ用のランタン、手持ちの電灯として使うと、かなり優秀である。UPI は一見奇妙な物を輸入するが、時々、ツボにはまってしまう。提供を受けたSawyer Filterは一級品で、プラティパスを用いて落下式として使うと、ウルトラライトシステムとなる。こういう使い方は私が初めてらしく、PCTのメーリングリストに提案して関心された。RIBZフロントパックはバックパックに直接取り付ける改造を行って愛用中だし、このWAKA WAKA Powerも標準装備品になりそうである。

However, I was a little surprised to use. When I becomes calm, it is an excellent light. When it was used as the lantern for a camp or a hand light, it was especially excellent. Although UPI imports sometimes strange things, I was sometimes trapped by them. For example,  Sawyer Filter which I had offered is the first class goods. I proposed to use it as a gravity system using Platypus on the PCT mailing list. They were overwhelmed. I was also offered the first version of RIBZ front pack. I did not like it, so I remodeled to attach to a backpack directly, and I became love it. And this WAKA WAKA Power may become my standard equipment.


The Product

・本体サイズ:120×15×76mm  ・本体重量:約140g
・LED:0.5W A-brand, 120lumen/Watt(電球2個の合計)
・バッテリー:2200mAh 充電式リチウムポリマー電池
・入力端子:500mAh micro-B USB  ・出力端子:1A USB
・LED照射時間:スーパーブライト約10時間 ブライト約20時間 ミディアム約30時間 ロウ約65時間


  • size :120×15×76mm  ・weight :around 140g
  • color : Yellow, Black
  • LED: 0.5W A-brand, 120 lumen/Watt ( sum of two LED )
  • battery :2200mAhA rechargeable lithium-polymer battery 
  • input terminal: 500mAh micro-B USB    
  • output terminal: 1A USB 
  • temperature range: 0 - 40 degrees
  • battery life: About 500 times
  • LED irradiation time: Super blight about 10 hours,  Bright about 20 hours,  Medium about 30 hours, Low about 65 hours 
付属品は何もない。充電は携帯電話関連の品物が流用できるが、ストラップは最低必要だろう。写真は手元の不良在庫のストラップを取り付けたものである。自宅でテストしたところ、Nexus 5, 7の充電は可能だった。満充電にはならないこともあるが、携帯電話の充電は問題無いと思う。

No accessory was included. The mobile phone strap may be the minimum necessity, although the charge device of mobile phone may be usable.  I attached the strap of the dead stock at hand. When I tested it at the house, the charge of Nexus 5 and 7 was possible. Although it may not become full,  I think that the charge of a mobile phone does not have a problem. 


The light makes no specific focus and spread considerably. It may be used as a hand light and head lamp.  However, it cannot be used as a head lamp, since it is not fully waterproofed in case of rainy weather. It is regrettable at this point. But, if you use a plastic bag with an elastic band, you can use it as a substitute of head lamp in a rainy day.


The capacity of built-in lithium ion battery is only 2200 mAh. Since the capacity of an enelope AA battery is 1900mAh, the question arise whether it is possible to light for around 20 hours in bright luminescence mode.  However, a power generation lamp also blinks in an indoor indirect light. The power generation efficiency seems to be high. But, is it useful in real situation? 



  • 一回押すと電池の残量表示。これは4つの小さいランプで表示される。4つ点灯すると100%、3つだと75%、2つだと50%、1つだと25%の残量。特に測定機器を使わなくても残量が分かるので、これは非常に便利な機能だと思う。
  • 二回押すと、スーパーブライトモードになる120ルーメンの明るさ。この明るさで10時間保つという。テント内部でこの明るさは不要だった。
  • 三回押すと、ブライトモード。60ルーメンの明るさ。この明るさで20時間保つという。このモードを基本的に使った。テント内でのランタンとしては十分に明るかった。
  • 四回押すと、ミディアムモード。40ルーメンの明るさ。この明るさで30時間保つという。テント内のランタンとしては十分だが、使わなかった。
  • 五回押すと、ロウモード。20ルーメンの明るさ。この明るさで65時間保つという。実はこれが普段のテント内のランタンの明るさである。
  • 六回押すと、ライトが消灯。
There is only one big black button. Operation is decided by the number of times of pushing.

  • Push once:  It displays the residual quantity of the battery. This is expressed by four small lamps. When four light up, it is 100% and three, it is 75% and two and it is 50% and one, it is 25% of residual quantity. I think that this is a very convenient function, since residual quantity is known even if it does not use specific measurement tool.
  • Push twice : It becomes super blight mode. The brightness is 120 lumens, which last for 10 hours. This brightness is unnecessary inside the tent.
  • Push three times: It becomes bright mode. The brightness is 60 lumens, which last for 20 hours.  I fundamentally used this mode.  As a lantern in a tent, it was bright enough. 
  • Push four times: It becomes medium mode. The brightness is 40 lumens, which last for 30 hours. As a lantern in a tent, it was bright enough. I did not use this mode.
  • Push five times: It becomes low mode. The brightness is 20 lumens, which last for 65 hours. In fact, this is the brightness of the lantern in my usual tent. 
  • Push six times: It turns off the light. 


When you wanted to charge a mobile phone etc. ,  you should push the button once to make output from the USB. When nothing has connected, the small lights blink for a while and they go out. I think that some detection mechanism is equipped.  Therefore, it may be not necessary to push 6 times. Although these are somewhat difficult to understand, but the button is pushed several times,  it works well, and easy to understand. The design concept is superior, because the operation can be understood intuitively. 


Field Test

I tested this in the four days winter hiking.

When you want to use as a lantern, it is good to hang through a strap in a round hole.


I used from 30 minutes to  1 hour in the morning, and about 2 hours in the night. It took 2 hours from the preparation of dinner to sleeping. After I used this in the bright mode for 3 days, the remaining battery capacity decreased to the half. That means it can be used for around 1 week camping if the full charged battery was used. If you use this in Low mode, you will be able to use two weeks or more. The capacity of a lithium ion battery is not large. LED lights may be highly efficient.


I wanted to know the charge capability from sunlight. Therefore I attached this to the shoulder belt and walked for one day. The result was regrettable,  the indicator lamp of a charge state did not change. Probably, this will be unavoidable since it was cloudy in winter. If you try in summer, you can get the required electricity in a day, because it charges 75% in 6 hours on the summer solstice of 40 degrees north according to the specification.

黄昏時 In the dusk

真夜中 In the midnight 

発電量はGoal Zeroが圧倒的に大きい The charge capacity of Goal Zero is very large.

I think that the best attachment position is on a shoulder belt, since it will not generate electricity if turned over.


  • 製品名通り、非常に明るく、高能率のLEDライトである。ランタンとして使うのがベストだろう。
  • ランタンとして使う場合、満充電にしておけぱ、一週間から二週間、使用可能である。非常に長寿命である。
  • 発電能力やリチウムイオン電池の容量は少なめである。出力電流が1Aあるので、充電能力には問題がないが、機種によっては満充電出来ないだろう。
  • 完全防水ではない。したがって、雨天時にライトとして利用するには、ビニール袋などが必要である。
  • この種のガジェットとしては標準的な値段だと思うが、やや高価に感じる。しかし、明るく長寿命のランタンが欲しい人は買って後悔しないだろう。
  • It is a very bright and highly efficient LED lights as this name indicates. Using as a lantern will be best.
  • When using as a lantern, you are able to use this for one to two weeks., if you charge fully.  It is a very long-life life light.
  • The capacity of electric generating and lithium ion battery is small. It can charge your mobile phone, but depending on a model, you could not fully charge it.
  • It is not fully waterproofed. Therefore, a plastic bag etc. are required in order to use as a light in case of rainy weather. 
  • Although the price may be standard as this kind of gadget, I feel it is a little expensive. However, if you want to have a long-life bright lantern,  you never regret to buy this gadget. 

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