The remodeling of Nemo Meta 2P --- warm version



手持ちのテントではRobens Herosが2.0 kgと500g重いが、結露が極端に少なく、自立式なので、それだけの価値があるように感じた。

Meta 2Pは2010 backpacker Editor's Choice 賞を受けている。その関係で注目していたが、アメリカのサイトで安売りがあったので、2011年9月に購入した。当時の購入額は、送料込みで、$328ドルである。当時の円換算で30,000円以下だったと思う。

Meta 2P have won the 2010 Backpacker Editor's Choice. Therefore, I was paying attention to this tent. There was a bargain sale at the site in the United States, then I purchased in September, 2011. The amount of money including a mailing cost of those days was $328 dollar. I think that it was 30,000 yen.

Meta 2Pの特徴
  1. テント素材は比較的しっかりしていて、20Dのナイロン、1500mm 防水、フロアは30D、5000mm防水である。
  2. フロアは135 X 245 cmで、一人当たり巾67.5 cm、高さ245cmなので、足元と頭上にはかなりのスペースが出来る。二人用テントとしては非常に広い。
  3. 設置は非常に簡単である。テントは6角形だが、基本は6方向にガイラインを引けば良い。手順は、側面4ヵ所にステイクを打ち、ガイラインを引っ張る、次に出入り口の2ヵ所にステイクを打ち、ガイラインを軽く引っ張り、トレッキング・ポールを入れて伸ばす。最後に側面2ヵ所のベンチレーターのステイクを打ち、ガイラインを引っ張る。
  4. ステイクの自由度を高める(岩をよける)には、ガイラインを少し長めにしておくとよいだろう。特にベンチレーターのガイラインは長い方がよい。
The feature of Meta 2P
  1. The tent material is relatively tough, The fly was constructed by nylon of 20D, 1500 mm waterproof and floor is by 30D and 5000 mm waterproof material. 
  2. The floor is 135 X 245 cm. Since 67.5 cm width and 245 cm height for one person, it is a very roomy tent. 
  3. The pitching is very easy. The form is a hexagon. Just pulling guy lines in the six directions. Then the pitching is done. The more refined procedure is: At first, you should push four states to four sides. Secondly, you should push two stakes at two places of entrances. Thirdly, you should put trekking poles in the vestibules, and lengthen them. Finally, you should put two additional stakes, and pull the guy lines. 
  4. It is recommended to make  guy lines somewhat long, for increasing the freedom of locations of stakes (to avoid rocks). The longer guy lines of a ventilator is good. 

However, I pitched this tent only once as a trial. I left untouched for a long time, and I did not use in a real situation. My wife often complains the coldness, therefore, the mesh panels of this tent are not desirable. I decided to give this tent away to FB friends, but no one wanted.  The mesh tent and non-free standing tent are disliked in Japan. For throwing away, it was unbearable and I put this tent on the shelf as a dead stock for a long time.

今年の夏、二人でワイオミングのWind River Rangeをハイキングする計画を立てている。ワイオミングはカリフォルニアのジョン・ミューア・トレイルと比較すると、雨が多い。昨年は初日に数時間の激しい雷雨にあった。日本より雨は少ないが、降る時には、かなり激しい雷雨が続く。ジョン・ミューア・トレイルではローベンスのStratosを2回使用した。4人用のピラミッド・テントなので、軽量で、快適だったが、雨が降ると、前室がまったくないので、かなり不自由である。そこで、不良在庫のMeta 2Pに目を付けた。居住空間は3人用に該当する広さだし、広い前室も2つある。ひどい雨の時くらい前室で調理したい。基本は良いテントなので、改良すればなんとかなると思った。

I am planning to hike Wind River Range of Wyoming with my wife this summer. Wyoming is rainy as compared with the John Muir Trail of California. I experienced the intense thunderstorm of several hours last summer on the first day. Although rain is less than Japan, but when it rains, it continues as intense thunderstorm for several hours. In the John Muir Trail, I used Stratos of Robens twice. Since it was a pyramid tent for four persons, it was lightweight and comfortable, but since there is no vestibule, when it rains, it is quite inconvenient. Then, I reminded the Meta 2P of the dead stock. This tent is very roomy, and its width corresponds for three persons tent, and also has two large vestibules. At least, I would like to cook when it came severe rainfalls at the vestibule. I think that it became better with the small modification, because it is a good tent fundamentally.


風の進入を防ぐためには、テントをなるべく低く張る必要がある。Meta 2Pはベンチレーション重視のためか、前室の壁と地面の間隔が高すぎると思う。テントが弛むので、低く張るには限界があるが、前室の2ヵ所のガイラインを写真のように2つ取り付けた。黄色のガイラインは、ノーマルに張るためで、ステイク位置の岩を避けるため、長さ調整は大きめにしてある。もう一つのループはテントが弛んでもよいから、なるべく低く張るためのガイラインである。設置する場合は、どちらか一つのガイラインを使う。前室をフルオープンにはしないので、そのためのガイラインは取り去った。

1. Pitch a tent low.

In order to prevent the penetration of a wind, it is necessary to pitch a tent as low as possible. I think that the interval of walls of the vestibules and the ground of Meta 2P is too high, considering the ventilation. Of course, there is a limit to pitch a tent low, since the tent will be  slackened. I attached two guy lines to the vestibules as like a photograph. The yellow guy lines are used to pitch a tent normally. I use long guy lines to avoid rocks near the stakes. The dark loop lines are used to pitch a tent as low as possible.  I use one kind of guy lines when pitching. There is no necessity to open vestibules fully, then the guy lines for it were removed.

ダブル・ガイライン double guy line

It was pitched low normally. When it was pitched as low as possible, it will be slackened. 



2. Sew an ultra-thin cloth on a mesh panel.

Probably, this may be the best way to make a warm tent.  I spent with Shroomer one month last summer.  I felt his sense and taste was similar to me, especially on food. I felt Shroomer as like my cousin of obliging character who had passed away.  However, he was quite different from me as for a point that he had firm subcutaneous layer. He could swim in an icy water. It was impossible for me. White persons adapted to the cold weather by developing subcutaneous layer. It is quite different from Japanese people.  It is the reason why American mesh tents are disliked in Japan. 

テント用の防水布地は必要ないので、検索して見つけたのが、極薄撥水ポリエステル生地。148 X 200 cmでたったの1500円だった。黒に近い深緑色で、雰囲気もよかった。

I searched and found an ultra-thin water-repellent polyester cloth, since the waterproof cloth for tents was unnecessary. The price was only 1500 yen in 148 X 200 cm. It was the dark green color near black, its atmosphere was also good. 


How to sew the cloth



Since it was a first time to sew a tent for me,  you should pay attention to the more professional sewer's technique.

I put the cloth under the mesh panel and carry out upbringing sewing. I should sew, after measuring and cutting out the cloth just like that. But, I thought it was too difficult for me. It is better to cut same shape as the mesh panel and do the upbringing sewing. I spent around one day only at this process. I also used stapler.


Cut roughly


I could not use sewing machine. My wife sewed.



I took upbringing thread, cut the margin by a scissors.  I melted  a little by a lighter and kept the fiber from being frayed.  I did not consider the high technique of inserting in and sewing.



5. Completion. There is a possibility which I have to make the upper half of a mesh into Velcro, and have to enable opening and closing of it if too hot.  But I will use as it is for a while.


改良版テント remodeled


inner view 貴重品入れ。


There is a new product, which requires two sets of trekking poles.  Since it cannot be used by single person, this specification is undesirable.

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