John Muir Trail ---South Lake to Lone Pine

From South Lk. to Lone Pine


I was able to stay at Bishop for two night, because I shortened the schedule one day. My wife received the resupplies,  so we checked the food and classified into must-bring foods and must-throw-away food. It was very hot and dry, never became below the freezing temperature. We kept clothes minimum, and decided to send unnecessary equipments, long gaiters, a frying pan, GPS, et. al. to Japan from the post office.





10:00 サウス・レイク。すでに標高3,000mあるので、あまり登る訳にはいかない。ロング・レイクまでとする。13:30 ロング・レイクの南にテント設営。見晴らしの良い場所。天気は悪く、雨が降った。奥様の高所順応を助けるため、イブ錠を服用。最近の研究では600mgの投与で効果が確認されたが、数分の1でも効果があるようだ。

We left the inn at 8:30,  and walked toward the post office. The backpack was very heavy. It might weighted around 38 kg. A car approached, and "Hiro!"in a loud voice.  It was Jim and his wife Vickie of VVR. I was very astonished. "The small world" Jim said. Yes, it was a very tiny world. I was asked whether I need a ride. "Of course, we need a ride." Jim and Vickie lived in the Bishop, working at VVR, but came back by chance for a few holidays.  Vickie was teaching social media at the college in Bishop He said he came back at past 9:00.

Now, I had to struggle to send a priority mail, because it was a first time for me. I heard the explanation at a window and wrote it a little, and line up in the row again,  and corrected the errors, and lined up again. The infinite loop began.

Jim came and waited all the time, but he became impatient at last and helped me. The loop was ended. I wrote the explanation of content very poorly.  At last, I shipped a priority mail.

Now, our private free taxi started to run. The taxi driver did also a guided tour. I am always lucky in hitchhiking. Next summer, I do not come Bishop, but I would like to hike and live in Bishop, when  I get older. Jim loves Bishops. We love too.

10:00 South Lake. We were not able to climb much, because South Lake is located around 3,000 meter above sea level. We walked to Long Lake (3,300meter above sea level). I pitched the tent on the higher place of the south of Long Lake at 13:30.  Spectacular place. The weather was bad, and it rained. My wife took an Eve tablet ( containing ibuprofen ) to adapt the high altitude. In the very recent study, very large dose 600mg proved to prevent AMS. But the small dose worked well.


7:40出発。重荷になれないのでゆっくり。11:00 ビショップ・パス、11:50 少し下りて小川の傍でランチ、12:20出発、雲がわいて雨になった。脚を痛めた馬がいた。15:05橋、雨がひどくなる。重荷で疲れたので、デュシイ・ベイズンでテントを張ろうかと思ったが、もう少し進む。谷を雨雲が北に進むのを眺める。JMTで分厚い雨雲を見下ろしたのは初めて。予定どおりラ・コンテに到着。以前から目を付けていた高台にテント設営。小川は近くにあった。後に知ったが、この時、ギター・レイクで落雷があった。

We started to hike at 7:40. I was not used to a heavy load, so I walked slowly. 11:00 Bishop Pass, We went down a little, 11:50 lunch near the brook, 12:20 started to hike, It began to rain. A horse was guided by a man, because the horse injured his leg. 15:05 the footbridge, It rained terrible. I thought whether I pitched the tent at Dusy Basin, but we advanced more. The thick clouds were going through the valley to north. It was the first time that I looked down such thick rain clouds in JMT. We reached Le Conte on schedule. I pitched the tent on the higher place, where I memorized beforehand. The brook was near. Three men was struck by lightning at Guitar Lake in the same day. We knew it later.


7:30 出発、9:00 グロウス・メドウ、10:00 パリセードクリークとの分かれ道、10:50 何時もの場所で昼食、11:45出発、14:30 昨年のテントサイト、パリセード・レイクへの登りの直前。スクウァ・レイクであったロージーとジョイと再会、前後して登る。パリセード・レイク直前で休憩していたので追いつく。背中の筋肉が時々痙攣するという。メキシコ国境からシェラ山地まで歩いたという。お母さんは元気だが、さすがに疲れた模様。18:00 パリセードレイクでテント設営、ロージーたちは少しに先に行った。予定があるという。奥様は予防的にイブ錠を服用。自分も試しに飲んでみた。頭の圧迫感がなくなり、深く眠れるようだ。

7:30 started to hike, 9:00 Grouse Meadows, 10:00 junction of Palisade Creek, 9:00 Grouse Meadows, 10:50  lunch at the usual site, 11:45 started to hike, 14:30 last summer's camp site, 14:30 last summer's campsite,I meet Rosie and Joey, whom I had met at Squaw Lake, we climbed up almost simultaneously. We caught up with them in front of Palisade Lake, because they took a break. Joey said that he had a spasm of his back sometimes. He had walked from the Mexican border to the Sierra Mountains. His mother is cheerful, but seemed to be very tired. at 18:00, I pitched the tent at Palisade Lake.  Rosie and Joey went forward, because Rosie had to go to hospital. My wife took an Eve to prevent altitude sickness, I also tested with myself. The feeling of pressure of the head disappeared and slept deeply.


朝、クマを見たので撮影した。8:00 出発、9:00 上部パリセード・レイク、オレンジ色の大きなテントがあったので、ヘビートラッカーのカヌーイストだと思ったが、どうせ先で会うしと、通り過ぎた。11:50 マザーパス、12:30 少し下りて昼食、チェストストラップが千切れたので縫い直し。13:00 出発、レイク・マージョリまで生きたかったが、キングス・リバーの最初の徒渉点でテント設営。ポテトのツナサラダが旨かった。

In the early morning, I took several photos of bear. 8:00 started to hike, 9:00 Upper Palisade Lake, I found a large orange tent, so I thought it was belonged to the Japanese heavy trucker and canoeist. But we passed away, because we hike very slow. He would catch up soon. 11:50 Mather Pass, 12:30 We hiked down a little and took lunch. I sewed chest trap, because it was teared. 13:00 started to hike. I wanted to go Lake Marjorie, but it was far. 16:30 I pitched the tent at the first fording point of Kings River. The tuna salad of the potato was delicious.


5:30起き、7:00出発、8:20 タボース・パス・トレイル、9:25 日本のヘビートラッカーと再開、10:00 レイク・マージョリ、12:00 ピンチョット・パス、ヘビートラッカーは昼寝中だった。少し高度を下げてランチ、雲が広がった。14:45トゥイン・レイクス、アメリカ国籍の日本人含む数人と会う。彼らとは、この日以降、何度も会う。ホイットニー山頂で写真をとった。ディビッドというイギリス人と会う。16:30 ウッド・クリークの高台にテント設営。この辺りでは最高の場所。

We got up at 5:30, 7:00 started to hike, 8:20 Taboose Pass Trail, 10:00 Lake Marjorie, 12:00 Pinchot Pass, the Japanese heavy trucker was taking a nap. We hike down a little and took a lunch,  clouds prevailed. At 14:45, I meet an American Japanese, including several hiker at Twin Lakes. We met them many times after. ( I took the photograph of them at Mt. Whitney ) I met the British called the David. I pitched the tent on the higher place near Wood Creek at 16:30. The best place in this neighborhood.


7:30 出発、9:30 吊り橋、10:00 出発、登り。11:10 最初の小川、昼食12:45 2番目の小川、14:10 ダラー・レイク、エナジーバーを食べ休憩、新たな風景が広がる。14:30 出発、アローヘッド・レイクで日本のヘビートラッカーと再会、彼はテントで寝ていた。16:00雨が降ってきたので、ラー・レイクスの北側でテント設営、かなりの雨が降った。inReachは動作する。お腹いっぱい食べて、さらにミューズリとミルク。

7:30 started to hike,  9:30 The suspension bridge, 10:00 started to hike uphill. 11:10 the first creek, we ate lunch, 14:10 the second creek, 14:10 Dollar Lake, we eat energy bar and took a short rest, 14:30 started to hike, new scenery, we reencountered  the Japanese heavy trucker, he was sleeping in the tent. I pitched the tent at the north side of Rae Lakes, it rained heavily but the inReach worked well. We ate full, and also ate milk and muesli.


よく雨が降ったが、夜中は星が出て晴れ。5:45起きて7:30 出発、8:40 シクスティ・レイクス・ベイズン・トレイル, 11:20 グレン・パスでランチ、11:50 出発、13:50 オニオン・ヴァレー・分岐、多くの人はオニオン・ヴァレーに向かった。15:20 ヴィデット・メドウ、雲が空一杯に広がったが、雨にはならない。16:20 何時もののテントサイト、イースト・ヴィデットの傍にテント設営。

It rained well, but stars appeared at midnight, and it was a fine day. We woke up at 5:45, started to hike at 7:30,  8:40 60 Lakes Basin Trail, 11:20 lunch at Glen Pass, 11:50 started to hike, 13:50 junction of Onion Valley. Many people were headed to Onion Valley, 15:20 Lower Vidette Meadow,
Clouds prevailed in the sky, but it did not rain, I pitched the tent at the usual campsite, east of Mt. East Vidette.


7:00 出発、8:50 センター・ベイズン、ワシントン州から来たお父さんと青年にあった。10:30 小休止、3450 メーター地点、11:50 3600メーター地点、エリックと長話をした場所、 13:40 フォレスター・パス。道ははハイウェイのようによく整備されている。奥様が怖がった。垂直の崖に道が付いている。長い下りだが、奥様はバテず、予定通り、ティンダル・クリークでテント設営、17:20. 道の傍の高台で、日差しが強く暑いので、スリーピング・バッグをテントにかける。奥様はこの簡単なテクニックを知らなかった。このペースなら後二日で終了。ウルトラライトの男3名は疲れたのか、来なかった。

7:00 started to hike, 8:50 Center Basin, We met a father and son who came from Washington D.C. 10:30 a short rest at 3450 meter above sea level, 11:50 a short rest at 3600 meter above sea level, where I had done long talk with Eric. 13:40 Forester Pass, the trail was well maintained as a high way. My wife scared when she looked downward. The trail was carved at vertical cliff.
My wife was not tired when she did long descent. I pitched the tent at the higher place near Tyndall Creek as I had planed at 17:20. It was very hot, because sunlight was very strong. So I opened the sleeping bag and put it on the tent. My wife did not know such a simple technique.  If we hike in this pace, only two days were needed. The 3 ultralight hikers did not came, they were tired.


7:00 出発、8:20タウニー・ポイント、1人ならサイドトリップに行くが、奥様の体力を考えて我慢。10:00 ライト・クリーク、10:50 ワラス・クリーク、何人も休憩していたので、少し山を登り、小さな小川で昼食。11:35出発、アメリカ国籍の日本人ハットリ君らグループと前後して歩く。13:40クラブトリー分岐、14:00 トイレ用袋を確保(ホイットニーでは排泄物の持ち帰りが義務づけられている)、15:40 ティンバーライン・レイク、16:50ギター・レイク。支流の高台にテント設営。フリーズドライのキャベツを戻し、炒め物を作る。旨かった。

7:00 started to hike, 8:20 Tawny Point, if I hiked alone I would do a side trip, but I could not, because my wife is not so strong. 10:00 Wright Creek, 10:50 Wallace Creek, several hikers took a rest, so we climbed a little, and took a lunch near a small creek. 11:35 started to hike, We frequently met Mr. Hattori ( Japanese, but his nationality was American ) and his friends. 13:40 Crabtree junction, we got plastic bags for human waste, because we had to take out all our waste. 15:40 Timberline Lake, 16:50 Guitar Lake.  I pitched the tent at the higher place near small creek. We fried lots of freeze dry cabbage, It was very delicious.


夜中は少し落ち着かなかった。2:00頃から稲光が何度もあった。3:00 雷と雨になった。目が覚めたので、起きた。4:00 雨が止み、雷が遠ざかったので出発した。暗いのでヘッドランプで行動。6:00頃、稲光と音の時間間隔が5秒になり、危険を感じたので、岩陰に一時座って待機した。雷が遠ざかり、身体も冷えてきたので、歩き始めた。明るくなってきた。7:30 ホィットニー・トレイル分岐、バックパックを置いて、歩く準備。トレイルには、雷の時は非常に危険と標識があった。その通り。7:45出発、幸いに雲がすくない。9:30 ホィットニーの頂上、ハットリ君グループと再会。記念撮影。雲がわき上がってきて危険を感じたので、直ちに下山を始めた。トレイル・クレストではガスが湧き、しばらくすると、雷が近づき、雹が叩きつけるように落ちてきた。隠れる場所もないので、下山を急ぐ。瞬く間にトレイルに雪が積もった。コンサンプション・レイクで背後を見ると、大勢のハイカーが急いで下山していた。レイクからの下りでは雪が溶けて、水たまりになっていた。普通はアメリカのハイカーに追い抜かれるのだが、彼らの多くはシューズを履いていて歩きにくく、水たまりを避けようとして転倒する人もいた。我々はブーツなので、氷の水たまりでも平気だった。15:00ミラー・レイクの近くで休憩。天候が回復し、吹雪の恐れがなくなった。ジャガイモサラダやエナジーバーを食べて休憩。15:30 出発、しつこいスイッチバックをこなす。18:00 トレイル終了。奥様も元気。ハットリ君たちは乗せてくれる車があったが、人数の関係で便乗不可だった。何時もの場所でヒッチハイクのサインを出した時、すぐさま車が近づいて乗せてくれた。運が強い。でも英語で喋っていない。聞くとハンガリー人だという。亡命してアメリカに住んで、おそらく、仕事で成功したのだろう。友人を観光案内している所だった。良いモーテルだというので、同じモーテルまで行き、チェックイン。19:00になったので、急いでシャワーを浴びて、メリーゴーランドへ行って中華料理をたっぷりと食べた。その後、スーパーで果物や朝食のパンの買い物。

I was uneasy in the midnight, There was lightning many times from about 2:00. It rained with thunder at 3:00. We woke up. At 4:00, rain stopped and the thunder went away. We started to hike with head lamps, because it was dark. Around 6:00, the interval of lightning and sound of thunder was 5 seconds, I felt danger, and we sat down at rock shade and waited for a while. Thunder went away, and we felt cold, so we begun to walk. The sky gradually lightened. 7:30 the junction to Mt.Whitney Trail. We put our backpack, and prepared to hike. 7:45 start to hike, There was a sign board, indicated thunder was extremely dangerous. That's right. Fortunately, there are few clouds. 9:30 at the top of Mt.Whitney,  We met Mr. Hattori and his friends again. We took ceremonial photos. We began to hike down immediately, because clouds welled up and I felt danger. We were caught by clouds at Trail Crest, thunder approached,  and the hail attacked us. There is no place to hide in,  so we hurried to hike down. Snow was piled up on the trail instantly. Many hikers also descended hastily, when we looked back near Consultation Lake. Descending from the lake, snow melted, and changed to cold puddle. In normal condition, we are caught up by American hikers, because we were slow, But in this occasion, we seldom were caught up. Several person fell down to avoid puddles,  because they who wore shoes.  Because we were boots, we were not influenced by the puddle of the ice. We I took a break near Mirror Lake at 15:00. The weather was turned fine, and , and the fear of the snowstorm disappeared. We ate potato salad and energy bars. 15:30, started to hike, There were many switchback. At 18:00 The end of trail. My wife is cheerful. Mr.Hattori invited us to the car, but we could not ride, because of excess of  number of person. When I gave the signature of the hitchhike at the usual place, a car approached immediately and we got a ride. I am always lucky. The driver and his friends did not not talk in English. They were Hungarians, The driver was a refuge,  and living in U.S.A. He probably would succeed in work. He was guiding his friends for sightseeing  He introduced good motel to us, so we checked in the same motel. Because it was 19:00, we took a shower hastily , went Merry-Go-Round,  and ate fully Chinese food. Afterwards, we went to the supermarket, and bought lots of fruits and breads for breakfast.



We enjoyed zero day at Lone Pine. We bought a book and an accessory, and a shorts at the outdoor shop. We ate buffet of Chinese food at Merry-Go-Round as lunch. It costed only 11 dollars. We became full  of  stomach.  As a result, we cooked beef steak and vegetables in the motel. And we ate lots of fruit.



We went to Lancaster by bus and changed to METROLINK. As usual, the vending machine was difficult to use, So I asked the person to buy our tickets. Several American hikers also needed very long time to buy ticket. As promised, Crazy Doc appeared at Simar station. He took us to toy store (REI) immediately. The house of Crazy Doc was farther than expectation. It was  the quiet residence on the hill. We drank wine at veranda and talked pleasantly, and the dinner was  barbecue like an American. Rabbits and a birds appeared in the garden. I  knew the case of thunder in a guitar lake for the first time.  I ate all food up to the skin of salmon and surprised his family. We continued talking until late at night.



The breakfast was new bread and fresh juice. Before noon, Crazy Doc sent us to LAX, while doing the guide of shoreline. The boarding procedure was quickly done, because Crazy Dock had done the computer check-in. The hiking of this summer was successful, and we enjoyed very much with Crazy Doc. But he might be worn-out, because he was too kind for us.

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