Hilleberg Akto

Hilleberg Aktoを並行輸入業者から47,000円で購入した。間違いなく本物で入荷も予定通りだった。アメリカから送料込みで購入するのとほとんど同じ値段だった。このほか、Hillebergの英語サイトからGoogle playを経由して直接購入できるかもしれない。

I purchased Hilleberg Akto for the 47,000 yen from a parallel importer. I had doubted a little, but the arrival date was precise and it was really a Hilleberg product. The price was almost the same as purchasing it from U.S.A. including the postage The another method to import personally may be to buy it directly at the English site of Hilleberg.

Aktoは、2005年頃購入し、5年間愛用した。その後、Power Lizardなどを使った。Power Lizard は軽量で、風にも比較的強いが、換気口がなく、入口が双方向ジッパーでないため、湿気やすい。そこで、もう一度、Akto に復帰することにした。

I purchased Akto around 2005 and used it for five years. Afterwards, I used Power Lizard, which was lightweight (1.0 kg ) and relatively strong in wind, but is easy to suffer condensation, because there was no ventilation hole, and an entrance was not a two-way zipper. Therefore, I decided to return to Akto once again.


  • 比較的軽量(本体1.3kg, Packed Weight 1.7kg)で、強風に耐える。 
  • アウターとインナーの一体型なので、設置は非常に短時間で済む。強風下でも落ち着いて設置できる。
  • Kerlon1200という特殊生地で、通常のテント生地の4倍の強度がある。 
  • ペグ位置の自由度が高いので、ほとんどの場所に設置可能である。 
  • 両端にジッパーで開閉可能な換気口、入口に庇付きの換気口があり、結露をコントロールできる。 
  • アウターとインナーの入口は共に双方向ジッパーで、換気に便利である。 
  • 欠点はただ一つ、高価である。 
I will itemized the features of Akto.
  • Relatively lightweight (1.3 kg, Packed Weight 1.7 kg), and strong for wind. 
  • The pitching is quite easy even in the strong wind condition, due to the extero-skeleton design. 
  • The special cloth called Kerlon 1200 is 4 times stronger than the normal tent cloth. 
  • Akto can be pitched at most places,  because the flexibility of the stake position is high. 
  • There are vents at the both end of external tent, and the zipper of the entrance is two-way, then the condensation control is easy. 
  • The zippers of outer and the inner tent are two-way. It is convenient for ventilation. 
  • The negative point is only one, very expensive price. 


I pitched the Akto in the neighboring vacant place. It was quite easy to pitch Akto. I staked at six places, and pulled guy lines, then the pitching was over.

Akto can be pitched firmly by 6 stakes with additional guy lines (white).

The upper is outer cable of bicycles, the lower is sewed-in wire.


The eaves was not improved. the wire was sewed in. Therefore, I cut the seam with a cutter and, insert an outer cable of bicycles, and sewed as before. The both ends of outer cable was covered by vinyl tape. 


The additional guy lines to pitch Akto by 4 or 6 stakes. I think it is very efficient.


The golden stakes were included. I do not use them.


The upper is old guy line, the lower is new guy line. New guy line is bigger around 1 mm. It may be easy to use when temperature is low.


The joints were big. Hilleberg is making minor modifications.


The zipper tab are double. Therefore, I can open upper part of the entrance independently.

The wide flap was added. The models before 2005 had no flap.

The plastic hooks of an entrance were changed to the large size.



The minimum weight of new Akto is 1.3 kg, but the total weight including tent, pole, spare pole, and staff sacks is 1.6 kg, excluding stakes. I do not want to sacrifice comfort and toughness, this degree of weight is unavoidable. I think Hilleberg is improving the details little by little. I will use new Akto after entrance parts are seem-sealed by SILNET.

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