Hiking in the United States --- Glacier, JMT, and Winds

Hiking in the United States ---Glacier, John Muir Trail, Winds ---


I played too much in the United States. In my next book. I introduced the hiking in the United States, on Glacier National Park, John Muir trail (JMT), and Wind River Range (Winds).  This idea was introduced by my friend Shroomer,  who took me to the Glacier and Winds, because I hiked JMT repeatedly. He said to me to write a book on the hiking in the United States..


The hiking in English language means broad range of walking, that is the walking and camping in nature for many days. If you want to hike and camp in national parks of the United States, you should get the wilderness permit.  For this reason, there is no guided tour on a commercial base except the day hike in the famous places, because number of the member of hiking group is strictly restricted. Then, only a few people knows the excellence of hiking in the United States, who actually got the permit and hiked. 


The feature of Glacier National Park is the landscape was made by the corrosion by the glacier of  the stratum of the sedimentary rock of 1 billion years or more ago. In the sharp rocky mountain, the beautiful stratum has appeared clearly. There are fossils called stromatolite around trail side. I walked only once, but  I have memorized all the geographical features. 


JMT is a representative world-wide famous trail, and geographical feature erased by the glacier continues, of which altitude is 3000-4000 meters, and it does not intersect a road around 360 km. This is the large-scale fault landscape of a granite. I have memorized all the corners of geographical feature, since I walked 4 times and the 5th time is planned. 


The Winds is a mountain range which divides the northwestern part and the central part of Wyoming.  The peculiar geographical feature was formed by the  corrosion of granite and gneiss by the glacier around 600 million years ago.  A few Americans know the Winds, because it located in the very remote place and it is not a national park. Winds is a wonderful place. I walked 3 times, and did lots of side trips.


My friend Shroomer said that North Cascade was wonderful place in addition to these three places. But I omitted, because it was too many for Japanese, and I heard that North Cascade was a little crowded as compared to Winds. 


I had neglected Shroomers plan for several  years, because I thought a very few people interested with the hiking in the United States.  I asked a publisher about the plan. They said they will publish it. Then,  I started to write, although I was skeptical. I ran into several difficulties, because the contents required the knowledge of geology, the weather,  the plant, etc. Moreover, it took lots of time to select photographs from lots of photographs. I finished writing at last. It took 7 months. I  don't know what kind of book it will  become?  This book will be published at the spring of next year. 

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