Thule Guidepost 75 ---my next main backpack

Altra 75の背負いベルトの基幹部品が壊れた。Windsでの最後の一週間は、慎重に持ち上げるように注意した。新品のベルトと無償交換してくれるという話だが、二度とこんな思いはごめんだ。欠陥商品なので、本来、リコールすべきバックパックである。

I had already mentioned that the plastic part of york Altra 75 was broken. The york is the most important parts of backpack.  I was very careful to carry up the Altra 75 at the last week in the Winds. The service stuff ( Canada ) replied me to send new shoulder belts with no cost. Of course, I rejected the proposal. I never wanted to experience the trouble of shoulder belt in the deep mountain. It should be recalled.

Big Sandy Lodgeに置いてあったBackpacker Magazine で偶然目にしたのがThule Guidepost 65の記事であった。Pinedaleでネット検索すると65, 75, 88があり、考えた末、現物を見ないでGuidepost 75を発注し、ロスのホテルで受け取った。発注して受け取るまで、たったの一日、送料は無料だった。それでも350ドルだが、日本への送料は100ドルもした。後で気づくと、日本でも販売されていた。もちろん、日本での販売価格は6万円程度だった。

I happened to read the article of Backpacker Magazine about Thule Guidepost 65 at Big Sandy Lodge. I searched the web site at Pinedale and found there were 65, 75, and 88 model. I thinked over and over,. Then I ordered Guidepost 75 at Amazon.com without seeing the actual thing. I received at the hotel of Los Angeles next day with free shipping. It costed 350 $, but the shipping cost to Japan was 100 $. Later, I noticed that the backpack was sold in Japan at around 500 $.


I attached the Ribz front pack and GPS pocket.  Furthermore, I sewed the nylon loops for the solar panel on the top lid. Moreover, when it turned over, it became a summit push pack, but since this top lid did not have a waist belt, I sewed it on.


The center of the yoke is a kind of hinge. The yoke can be slided up and down, and the lower parts of shoulder belt is fixed by Velcro. The backpack is one size, since quite large adjustment is possible.


There is a J-shaped zipper at the backpack. Therefore, the backpack can be opened fully. This backpack can be used as 1 or 2 compartment. The access to the stuff is similar.


Moreover, there is a wide and long pocket in the front. The zippers on either side differs in the place to access, respectively. The right zipper is for the wide, deep, and long pocket. Here, I will put in the toilet gears, rain gears, and water filter. The left zipper is for the shallow narrow pocket. It may be used for thin documents, for example, map, etc.


The single duralumin frame is wide and quite strong.  Probably, the intensity of yoke will be satisfactory, since the used plastic part is wide and strong. The frame is connected with the hip belt on the hinge in the lower part. Then, the right and left side of the hip belt can be moved up and down. It is similar mechanism to the Altra. But I do not feel instability like the Altra, since the shaking width is small.

ヒップベルトを締めるナイロンテープは横V字形で、二倍の力で絞められる。これは滑車を一つ使った場合と同じである。ほとんどのヒップベルトはこのような形になっているが、Altra 75は古典的な一本締めで、締めるのに猛烈な力が必要だった。

The nylon tapes on the hip belt are horizontal V shape. This type can be fastened by the 2 times power as compared to the classic straight line type, because the same principle works as the case where one pulley is used. At present, this type of hip belt had become predominant, but the Altra 75 was a classic type, therefore I needed full power to fasten it. 


The hip belt is reinforced by the steel frame, and do not bend against the the upper and lower sides. A hinge is visible to the right-hand side of a photograph. For a long time, I make on one's own by myself. But this is an equivalent mechanism to which I have reinforced. 


The only weak point of the top lid is that it lacks loops for the extra gear. Therefore, I sewed 4 nylon loops on the top lid for the solar panel.


However, it did too much on other points. But, I think that it did.  The top lid can be converted into a day pack when it is turned over. The only weak point of day pack is that it lacks hip  belt. Then, I sewed the hip belt on it. Therefore, I can carry heavy equipment on the waist.  I think that it is enough for a summit push.


The special feature original with this backpack is very simple: The nylon belts used for a hip belt and shoulder belts is a little somewhat thicker one as compared to other products. Therefore, once the belts are fastened, they are hardly loosed naturally.  This works great, although this is a simple technique. 

  • 一週間前後、無補給のハイキングが前提なので、容量は70~80リッターとする。奥様と一緒の場合は10日分の食料(二人で5日分)を持たないといけない。
  • ショルダーベルトの取り付け部が頑丈なこと。当たり前だが、Altra 75で懲りた。
  • バックパックがフルオープンできること。必要な物をどこからでも取り出せる。
  • パックパックの前面に縦長の大きなポケットがあること。洗面用具、浄水器、雨具などを入れている。
  • ヒップベルトを締めるナイロンテープは横V字形がよい。締めやすいし、自然には緩みにくい。
  • ヒップベルトの剛性が縦方向に強いこと。全荷重を腰骨の両端に乗せたい。今まで無改造で背負えたのはMountainhardwear のSolitudeだけであった。
  • トップリッドは外して独立して使えた方がよい。そうすれば水を探す時や頂上アタックのデイパックは不要になる。
The summary of my backpack selection criterion.
  • The capacity of my backpack shall be 70-80 litters. I want to hike one week without resupply, and when I hike with my wife, I must carry 10 days food ( 5 days for two ). 
  • The basic part of  york shall be strong.  I learned from Altra 75. It is a must.
  • The full open zipper of the backpack is convenience.  It is very easy to take out a required equipment from anywhere. 
  • The large and long front pocket is needed.  I usually put the toilet gears, the water filter, rain suits, etc. in the front pocket.  
  • The nylon tape on the hip belt shall be the horizontal V shape. This type of hip belt is easy to fasten, and is hard to loosen naturally. 
  • The rigidity of the hip belt shall be strong in a vertical direction.  I  want to carry all the weight on both side of pelvis.  I used only Solitude of Mountainhardwear without the remodeling. 
  • The top lid shall be removed and used independently. Then, no day pack is needed for small day back for water seeking and summit push. 

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