WIGWAM vs. Smartwool --- A comparative trial of socks in the winter training ---

WIGWAM とSmartwoolのソックスを左右に履き、三泊四日、歩いてみた。残り物キャンプフードを全部持ったので、荷重は初日で27-28kgと重かった。靴は古いAsolo、硬いなじみのないインソール。ソックス交換は左右入れ替えるだけで、なるべく行わないようにして、悪条件を作った。四日間、慎重に比較した。

I wore WIGWAM and Smartwool socks right and left each other, and walked for 4 days. Since I carried all the leftovers of camp food, the total pack weight was around 27 or  28 kg on the first day. I used old Asolo boots and insoles were new and hard one. I kept socks exchange minimum. I changed the right to the left.  I kept the unfavorable condition as far as possible.  I compared each socks carefully for four days.

一日目 1st day

右:Smartwool, 左:WIGWAM。JR舞阪で下り、スーパーで買い物。砂浜を一時間半歩く。疲れたのでトレイルに戻ったが、大規模堤防工事で潰されていた。一時間ほど硬い地道を歩き、遠州灘海浜公園の松林でテント。右のかかとにホットスポット、小さなマメができた。WIGWAMの方が吸湿性が大きいようだ。

Right foot: Smartwool, left foot:WIGWAM.  I stated at JR Maisaka station and bought fresh food at the supermarket. I walk along sands for 1 hour and a half. Since I got tired, I returned to the trail, but I was astonished that the trail became wide, because of the large-scale bank construction for tsunami. I walked along hard path for about 1 hour. I pitched my tent in a pine grove of Enshu Nada seaside park. While walking, a hot spot and small blister emerged on the right heel. The hygroscopicity of the WIGWAM was larger than the Smartwool.

二日目 2nd day

右:WIGWAM, 左:Smartwool。6時に起き、8時出発、延々と自転車道路を歩く。ひどく疲れた。左足前部にホットスポットができた。11:40竜洋海洋公園で昼食。12:15、右:Smartwool, 左:WIGWAMに交換して出発。足の状態は左右同じくらい。福田から水4リッター担ぎ、コンビニでピザとサラダを買った。海岸の松林でテント泊。夜、焼いてみる。簡単に焼けた。単四電池のヘッドランプ、充電してこなかったので、暗くなって困った。

Right: WIGWAM, left:Smartwool. I wake up at 6:00, and started to hike at 8:00. I walked along a bicycle path all the way. I got tired. The hot spot emerged on the left front foot. I reached Ryuyo sea park at 11:40, and ate  lunch. I change the socks  from left to right, and started to hike at  12:15. Right:Smartwool, and Left:WIGWAM. I felt the condition of feet of right and left was about the same. I carried 4 liters of water from Fukuda, where I bought a chilled pizza and salads at the  convenience store. I went to a pine grove of the seashore and pitched my tent. I baked a pizza by my new cooking system. It was very easy.  I forgot to charge the battery of the head lamp. The AAA battery is not versatile.  My headlamp became dark.

三日目 3rd day

右: Smartwool, 左:WIGWAM。6時起き、8時出発、自転車道路を延々と歩く。13時頃、大東海洋公園に到着。昼食と風呂、ゆっくりする。そろそろ歩くのが嫌になった。水4リッターを担ぎ、2時間ほど歩いて海岸の砂丘の上にテント設営。バッテリーが切れて明かりに困った。ヘッドランプは単三電池の使い回しのできる安物がベストか。昼食をたくさん食べたので、夕食は少なめにする。

Right:  Smartwool, left:WIGWAM.  I wake up at 6:00 and I started to hike at 8:00, and walked  along a bicycle path for a long time. I arrive at the Daito sea park around 13:00. lunch and a bath.
I started to hike slowly around 14:00 with 4 liters of water. I walked for around 2 hours and pitched my tent on the dune of the seashore. The AAA batteries of head lamp run away, but I cannot use AA batteries for the head lamp. It may be the best to use the head lamp, which works with AA batteries. Since I ate too much lunch, I ate small amount of dinner.

四日目 4th day


I only walked to the inland bus stop for about 1 hour. Although it was not a bus stop, either, since the bus came, I stopped and ridden on the bus. From JR Kakegawa station, I rode on the Shinkansen and a special express and returned home. At this time, I  thought my experiment was over, and wore WIGWAM to both feet.

結論 conclusion

素材は、materials are

WIGWAM ---  70% Merino wool, 18% Stretch Nylon, 11% Acrylic, 1% Spandex(Polyurethane)。Smartwool--- 70% (Merino) wool, 29% Nylon, 1% Polyurethane


In short, the 11 % of nylon of Smartwool was changed to acrylic in the materials of WIGWAM.  The feeling of used result also may be logically guessed from material components. The hygroscopicity was a little excellent in WIGWAM, and blister was not made easily. However, the durability was a little inferior to Smartwool. It made the fluff balls. The Merino comfort hiker of WIGWAM was 2138 yen (2 pair set 3780 (1890X2) yen, including tax), while the lowest price of the medium crew of Smartwool at Amazon was 1944 yen (the usual model was 2052 yen).


WIGWAM is better when comfort and price are important, but Smartwool is better when durability is important. Since the performance was almost equal,  it is difficult to choose socks.

なお、WIGWAM socksはアンブラージュ・インターナショナルから提供された。Smartwool socks は筆者が購入した。

Disclaimer: WIGWAM socks were offered from UPI Outdoor Products. The author bought Smartwool socks.


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